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Short answer is yes you can.  I have a driver shaft in my 2 hybrid and love it.
Just use the app if you have a smart phone.  It has worked flawlessly for me
Would you not be better off getting new 712s with the PX shafts and selling you current set.  Especially if they are almost new.  Might actually come out cheaper.  Just a thought
So I am thinking of getting new irons since I got a bonus.  I know Fleabay and big box stores have cheaper prices than retail, but what about buying through a private club?  I want to avoid possible counterfeits and I need them customized so Fleabay is not an option.       Anyone have experience with that?  What is the discount, assuming there is one.  Is every club maker different or is there a standard.  I am thinking of buying Titleist AP1 or AP2s.  Thanks
From what I understand the studio headcovers are cheaper.  Therefore the seller (stores or personals) give you the cheaper one.  If you want the "nicer" one you have to buy it separately.   If I bought mine in a store, I would demand that I get the correct headcover from Scotty.
In Golf for Dummies (it was a gift, and yes I read it) McCord hits on the point of muscle tension in the mouth and face.  His drill.  Hit balls with a potato chip in between your lips and dont break it.  Pretty simple but seems to have stuck with me... I have not thought about it in years, yet it came to me while reading this thread.
I have done this once... never again.  It is a serious PITA.  Best way to do it IMO is to be three holes ahead and stand at the tee box.  That is the best view, then you can go a hole or two up and head out to about the landing area on the fairway ropes.  I tend to get on the right side as that is where most pros miss, but Tiger has been fighting the lefties so left might be your best bet.  Avoid the Par 3's period.  They are normally pretty deep for any golfer, Tiger...
I have two (2) Practice Round tickets for Wednesday 9/26 for sale.  I have them in hand and can ship anywhere in the CONUS.  $75.00 obo
I love my tours with no socks as well.  It can suck if you end up in a bunker though.  Odor eaters spray after every round/practice session and cedar balls in the toes when storing and it is all good.   As mentioned the stealth's are not condusive to no socks though.  Although they are by far my favorite TRUE
Not trying to highjack, but this sort of piggybacks on the OP.   I played in my first Match Play event last weekend and wanted you guys opinion on a couple of things.  First, do you prepare any differently for a Match Play tourney versus a stroke play one?  Also do you play your opponent or still try and play the course and let the "cards fall where they may?"  I figure that playing it safe when the opponent is in the water or something is pretty standard, but humor...
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