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After reading the full thread, I'll definitely give Edel a serious look as soon as a fitter is within 100 miles of Jacksonville, FL.
I give TaylorMade credit, their marketing department rivals GEICO and has turned a 2 year cycle into a 6 month window.
PING manufactured and sold golf balls from 1976 to 1997.
Does PING take satisfaction in knowing that the "new" golf technology of custom fitting is something PING brought to the market YEARS ago?  
Do clubs ever "go bad"? Thoughts? I've played PING i3+ irons that are close to 10 years old and until I see something that raises my eyebrows I'm still going to game them. It's really a personal preference on if you like what you see behind the ball at address.
Any mention of a i25 iron coming soon?
For me its alignment and tempo.
Am I the only one thinking "this is exactly why the Tee it Forward initiative was created"?
Did you buy a vice to help hold and align the grip or do it free hand?
A sure way to avoid being perceived as a jerk or golfer who accidently hits into the group in front of them is one simple word, "FORE!"
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