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To each his own, but it you hit your ball from 150 yards and it lands near me as I'm walking off the green toward my cart you'll find it tee'd up. Fact.
II really don't have a point. I merely mentioned ear bud putting green guy because he makes me giggle out loud. It reminds me of modern day Al Czervik. I get why ear bud guy is on the eliptical, but I would think golf would be best enjoyed by all the senses. Practicing putting isn't a chore that you need to get amped up musically to get through, I wouldn't think.
Do you putt during your round while listening to music?
NE Florida has tons of course and is a short drive to plenty more.
This golfer doesn't annoy as much as he makes me giggle out loud at him on the practice green, guy with ear buds in listening to music while putting on the practice green.
Congratulations! How much was the bar tab?
My goal for 2013 would be to get out and practice more. I've had back problems and hope the new off season exercises will allow for it.
So how would you handle this situation or your own situation should someone hit their approach shot to the green you are walking off of? I'd put the ball on a tee a go to the next tee box. If it happens again, I'd drive back to the foursome and introduce myself.
It's amazing to me that Hunter Mahan had as many points as captain's pick Steve Stricker in this edition of the Ryder Cup. Stricker and Furyk were miserable.
Come on U.S. Americans!!!
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