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I can't be the only person that watched the post golf coverage Thursday after the first round of the Tour championship where Brandel Chamblee went on and on about how Sean Foley has the top three ball strikers on the Tour in Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose, am I? It wasn't even 2 months ago when Brandel pounded the table and said, "Tiger needs to fire Sean Foley and call Butch Harmon, today." I don't mind if someone has a strong opinion about something, that's...
They should stick with Red, White and Blue. It's REALLY hard to screw up that combination.
I play most of my golf at Amelia River Golf Club in Amelia Island, FL. Check out the par 3, 17th hole.        
Originally posted by mvmac:     Elk definitely has a swing we all should emulate. Sweetest swinger in the game. Plus great style.
I was in Ohio last week visiting the wife's family and played Red Oaks Golf Course. On the par five 8th hole I hit my 3 wood right of the hole on my second shot and was told, "don't worry, the 9th tee box is over there." When we drove over there we found that my second shot hit a golfer on the foot that was standing on the 9th tee box. I apologized profusely, but was assured everything was OK. However, we were allowed to play through at the 10th tee. I made sure to tell...
Scrambles mostly turn to Shambles and they are to raise money and hope you win a raffle prize. The pencil whipping I've seen in captain's choice tourneys here in Florida is astounding. Best tourney I've played recently was a progressive tee captain's choice. All players start on the white tees and when you birdie the hole you move back a tee and if you bogey the hole you move up. My group played the tips most of the round, but the winning score was 6 under, not 21 under....
I play the ball down and into the hole, but if I got worked up every time a playing partner rolled it in the fairway and raked it in the hole I'd lose my mind. So I don't worry about them and play by the rules and everybody has a good time. At least you'll know your handicap is legit.
Buckeyenut has the right idea. Show up as a single and you will find a group that can consider playing with again. It's like speed dating for golf buddies.
Pretty much shorts year round here in Florida, but there are some rounds (few) in the beginning of the year that warrant pants.
New Posts  All Forums: