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I've played Titleist ProV1s for about 10 years now and don't see myself changing anytime soon.  
NIKE cashed in the day Tiger chipped in the shot that tumbled in the back door in slow motion on 16 at Augusta, everything else is just a cherry on top for them.
I replaced my 2 iron with a hybrid about 5 years ago and it's still the only one in the bag.
I've always played Cleveland 588 wedges after taking my PING EYE wedges out of play. A lot of people feel grind and loft are important, and they are, but make sure you like how it looks behind the ball. Confidence is key to a solid short game.
Didnt start the thread.  I posted a response to the OP that was constructive, but at the same time doubting his ability. I was asked for proof that I could do it myself, so I made a video proving it.   Then the flaming started. Go back and look at my first post, I was talking to the OP and even telling him distance does not even matter really.                 Sorry Darksun22, my post was direct to Jimbo Slice the originator of the thread. Oh, congrats on being...
Don't hit the ball back at them, just put it up on a tee in the fairway. If they don't come and apologize it gets the point across.
Tiger's first attempt didn't even sniff the top edge of that bunker.
I think golfers in general stick to what works for them, unless they are the ones that buy the latest and greatest series or models every year.
GPS, ball markers, blue Sharpie, Crown Royal miniatures and Red Man Golden Blend.
Just play through. No need to resort to this type of behavior.   http://m.jacksonville.com/news/crime/2012-04-30/story/men-who-witnesses-say-were-attacked-jacksonville-beach-golf-course-brawl
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