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If you start a thread to get stroked you have to expect some of the backlash that comes along with the accolades.....
Got my t-shirt today. Thank you, Global Golf for the sweet R11s swag.
My longest personal drive was 1040 miles from Jacksonville, FL to Goshen, CT. I left Jacksonville at 5 PM on a Thursday and got out of the car at Torrington Country Club to tee off at 2:30 PM Friday afternoon.
mtnbiker5 "Yawn.  Just learn to the hit driver correctly and you dont need anything adjustable." Yeah, you're right. Because golf clubs that fit a golfer 5' 10" are the same ones for golfer like me at 6' 3". Brilliant......
Somehow I think Tiger could still hear a silent shutter in his back swing........dude has rabbit ears. He can walk by patrons screaming "you da man and get in the hole" he should use that same "navy seal" like concentration during his swing.
I'm sure Heath Slocum, Boo Weekley and Bubba Watson have some great stories of growing up in the pan handle of Florida. It's not where you're from it's what you become....
I'm not sure of all the number crunching, but pace of play comes down to common sense and golf etiquette. If you have 3 players that have no common sense you still get a 5/6 hour round.
You could use a Coors Light or Diet Coke can like John Daly. Plenty of those around.....  
Own it! An eagle is an eagle. They don't ask how, but how many on the scorecard.  
It's obvious to me the girls were WAY too young for Tiger to acknowledge (sarcasm). Tiger isn't a warm and fuzzy guy and he doesn't owe anybody anything. If you want to see a warm and fuzzy Tiger Woods attend one of his First Tee appearances, other than that you get cold, expressionless, focused Tiger. He's very consistent that way.
New Posts  All Forums: