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I was a "drink water only" player for a long time, but I started toting a bag of trail mix or just nuts or sometimes a powerbar, and it really does help out, especially if you're walking.  I would never do like some guys and call ahead for a sandwich at the turn or something like that, but a little goes a long ways when I'm out there.
barring travel, illness, etc., I'm playing 2-3 rounds an average week.  Some weeks I don't hit the range at all though.  I  need to start hitting up the range instead of playing 9 after work during the week.
The 60-90 yard approach after completely over-clubbing on the previous shot.  There's nothing more frustrating than hitting a perfect drive on a short par 4 and having to take a 75% swing, knowing full well that I should have hit a hybrid and left an solid 105-115 which is a much easier shot for me. I'm not a super long hitter either, so I'm never going for par 5s in two, but I'm always going Driver/5I to about 60-70 yards, when I should be going Hybrid/6I then PW or 9I...
Jax isn't horrible for golf, but for better golf and overall more to do, I'd pick Orlando over Jax any day.  I mean, if you're completely not dependent on location for work or anything, like you're retired or independently wealthy, then I'd say Orlando, or if you're fairly flexible financially, then I'd say the SW coastal area might be your best bet.  The weather is a bit more forgiving in the summer, with temps rarely over 90 in the Naples/Fort Meyers area, with a...
tossup between the Pine Barrens course at World Woods in Florida, or Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale.  
This is a great example.  The club mentioned here is owned and managed by ClubCorp, which does so over something like 200 golf courses through out the world, mostly in the US though.  They own a lot of little known but very nice courses, and also some better known courses (Bear's Best in Atlanta and Vegas for example), including some that have PGA/LPGA tour stops (Firestone and the one in Palm Springs that has the LPGA major, I forget).  Anyhow, some of their places are...
I find I play better in the rain, with no gloves.  I do have Winn DriTac gloves so they hold up pretty well.  I find that my swing is more steady when I'm worrying about the club flying out of my hands!
Top Flite Gamer V2 all the way.  My game isn't to where it's going to matter all that much, and since I've found that buying "mint" balls online is a hit or miss proposition, I am going with these because they are new, well reviewed, and I like the look and feel of them.  Nothing physiological about, pure psychology, but hey, that's golf in a nutshell.   I grab 3 dozen shipped off rockbottomgolf for $36ish shipped.  Can't beat that.
Age:  37   Height:  5'10"   Where are your from:  Gainesville, FL   How long have you been playing:  owned my first set as a teenager, but only played seriously in the last 2 years   Best score:  85   Favorite club in the bag:  9 Iron   Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  Ben Hogan's book, Zen Golf   Where do you play:  FL and anywhere I go   Best courses you've played so far:  World Woods Pine Barrens, Juliette Falls   Things you...
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