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"How many of you "fluff" your ball or play 6"/winter rules all the time?"   I did up until this season as this is the first year that I have kept track of my stats/scores/handicap.   In my opinion, giver, go crazy unless you take your game serious in the least at which point it is absurd/cheating.   I will just take a wild guess and say that 3 times per round (at least), your ball ends up in an odd/BS spot where if moved a few inches would be a perfect lie. ...
I trust Iacas's information over Michael Breed's any day...I just wonder:   How does Michael Breed get away with giving info on such a huge forum (GC) when he is a class-A (or whatever) instructor, and highly regarded (for the most part, by what I would guess would be a big percentage of viewers etc)?   Wtf
  This is on-point...Just delivered in a shorty-style matter of fact (and sort of mean) way.   I understand what you mean.  I golf regularly with a guy who has much worse 'golf form' than I do.  When he beats me (not often), I get down and think the same sort of things you are thinking.  But in the end, none of that stuff matters.  Grinding for a lower score is the goal, regardless of how graceful your form is or how pretty it looks etc.   Also, the people who are telling...
Yeah, I was somewhat on-board with what he was saying regarding not requiring to upgrade clubs every season as the golf industry/marketing would suggest...but I do believe in new grips every season or 2, groove sharpening, new shafts when they need to be replaced, etc.  15 year old grips can't be good, even with the Freddy Couples suggestion of using rough sand paper to keep grips 'grippy' longer.
I find that my Mizuno MP-32 (cut-muscle) blades are far better than my Nike forged blades (the original/first released version).  I used to think that blades mostly felt the same, but now I just can't agree with that at all.  The MP-32's feel like game improvement cavity backs when compared to the Nike blades...a seriously noticeable difference between the two.    Mind you, a scratch (or better) golfer may disagree as they would hit the sweet-spot every single strike...
  Ban Hammer!
For some reason, I want John Daly to win this event.  I wouldn't mind if Jim or Ernie won, though.  Hopefully Mike Weir makes the cut and plays well enough to enjoy himself.
I am all over the map with golf brands:    -Titleist bag/driver/wedges -Ping driver (switch between the two) -Mizuno irons -Odyssey putter -Zebra 20 degree fairway wood -Nike/Adidas shoes -Nike gloves -Nike/Titleist/Bridgestone/Callaway/Taylormade balls *whichever good ball I can get for a good deal at the time*   With vehicles I swear by Honda. Non golf shoes are generally New Balance or Nike. Guitars are USA made Fender Mac for...
78 at Hunter's Pointe (Welland, ON).  It was my 2nd round this season, and the day before I shot a 90 at Terry Hills (Batavia, NY).  Unfortunately, that's how my game is this year...One day I could shoot 90, and the next day low 80's.
Jimbo is most likely never coming back (aside from ghosting).  Although, it would be cool if he came back and posted his Trackman session results like he said he would.  The issue is that he knows 80% of the people here will be the "I told you so" guy lol.   Ah well, after a certain amount of time we should let Darkman officially hijack the thread and we can ask for his Trackman proof.   lol  
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