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Anyone got any good drills to get rid of a reverse pivot?
In the words of Roy mcavoy "perfection is unobtainable"
Yeah I do, not just for the range but comps, I tend to pick a target and record whenever I miss it right/left fat or thin. I tend to record things I have worked on, things I have found, feelings I had when I hit a good one, just general notes. So that when things go downhill I can look back and see how I figured it out last time. I wouldn't recommend a spreadsheet something like a notepad, be a little more creative! I might just help your golf!
I find turning my feet out 5* right foot and 30* left foot helps
Ok well that's excatly my problems, ill tell you what helps me with these things, standing too close to the ball and sliding my hips laterally on the backswing, which causes them too sway back on the downswing causing a push or not sliding and hitting it fat, when I turn in the backswing (as you do we'll in this video) it's a nice little draw. Just any hip slide completely f's me up. But that's just me
Looks good. I wouldn't start fiddling with things like lateral hip slide (unless your hitting it fat all the time) see a pro if you must, but your weight has moved all the way to the left side by the end so I don't see any problems. Where is your miss?
I had this problem and thought it was my hips were spinning out but in reality unless your a serious athlete this won't happen what I was doing is sliding them in the backswing and not rotating enough in the downswing, just another thought for you
Yeah the trouble is I'm really good at half swinging, it goes sraight as an arrow. Sometimes on the course I just take way too much club and half swing if I'm having real problems. But thanks
This has been driving me insane for ages now, I am continually blocking shots to the right and sometimes push fading, I can't get a video up sadly. My divots are pointing right of target and even when they point straight I lose the ball to the right, obviously my face is open at imapct (square to path for pushes) I've looked at a video that my friend took and it looks ok, I take it back straight the club is square/a little closed at the top, but when i come into the ball...
Yes some were fatted and went left, but some were struck really nicely and still went left, I think your right about my tempo, it only really happens under pressure when I maybe get a bit fast. Cheers
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