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Jason Day -6 Graham DeLaet -7
Got mine Saturday and was able to give it a few swings in the basement yesterday. I feel the weight is just right and am looking forward to taking it out to the range once it stops raining here. I can already tell that I like this more than my swing sock for warming up.
Cannot wait!
Tiger Woods -5 KJ Choi -10 Justin Rose -10
2009 thread resurrection :)
I found that my tempo was pretty close to the 3:1 ratio and it was not diffucult to adjust to the tones. The tones really helped me out of my driver funk but I honestly think it was because it got rid of all those evil swing thoughts in my head.
Big fan of the Ecco Street! Comfortable!!!
I am a fan of fitted mesh hats. I find them comfortable and breathable. So I own a Nike, Titleist, and Callaway hat and I don't own a single Nike or Callaway club. I find the mesh on the Callaway and Nike hats most comfortable.
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