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For some reason I always seem to blade the buried shot. I am fairly confident wedge player but when I am out of my comfort zone I look like I have never even heard of golf before.
I see your point. I am just inferring about different types of lies and how to play them close to the green. Ie: buried lie, fluffy lie, divots etc. The distance would be greenside rough within 5 yards to 15 yards out from the green. I speak to only the courses around me I have played lately..
We've all been there, the approach shot misses and hits the rough around the green. Some lies are sticking up, some are stuck down. For arguments sake the shot to the green is no more than 5-15yds. What shot shape and options do you feel you use the most.   The courses I play have fairly high rough and it tends to get stuck down, I like to deloft my 54 and play it like a hard putt. If I manage to have a lie where 75+% of the ball is exposed I will try to use the 58 open...
I too had trouble hitting 3 -5 W off the deck. Ball position a balls length back from where I had it on the tee worked magic. I recently started hitting a 3 hybrid much better than my 5 wood and gave me the similar distance for the 5 wood and 3 irons. Kind of an in between club. Highly recommend it since it is easier to hit and gives you that in between yardage, just my .02!
That was better than Spieth going nuts at Augusta..Playoff golf, at 17 Sawgrass.. I mean c'mon can you ask for better?
RICCCCKKKIIEEE. Way to go buddy.
Here we go, to the 17th!!!!
Absolutely poked that ball!
Go Rickie!!   The aggregate format is great and adds to the drama.
I stack and tilt on the long irons and woods. Allows me to hit down on the ball with the fairway woods. I don't do this with my irons because they tend to pull left or hook badly. 30 yards is a bit much if your on tight fairways.
New Posts  All Forums: