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I think Luke Donald or Rory McIlroy should jump out qiuck in the first few days. However, I think America will have a good hold of the leader board on the weekend.
Good advice! Im just about there to do some tuning up. My driver has always been my best asset but lately i have been duck hooking and opening up too soon. Good luck on your improvements.
Played Riverbend CC, Bridgewater MA   Shot an 88. Front 9 was decent with 6 GIRs, putting not so much. Back 9 2 GIRs, great putting. Now i just have to put it together.
I bought a set of Callaway x-22 tours off there a month ago. They were as described. Took a little while to get them there but was worth the price.
pretty funny for live tv. Im kind of taken aback by webbs comment, cmon buddy relax.
  Great courses!   For some decent public courses on the south shore and cape add Riverbend, Hingham CC, Atlantic CC and Achushnet River Valley CC to the list!  
Good show so far, for the looking anyway, my god christina selanee and natalia now that would be my ideal foursome. . Terrible golf on tonight episode, I understand the nerves part but haven't these girls played in big events and on tours before? Anyway my moneys on Kelly or Natalia.  
Didn't go out today, but last time I was out I shot an 88. Swing felt good, but my approach shots were not where I wanted them.
I am an accountant and I also work in the anti money laundering/fraud department as an investigator. I am hoping to move my career towards a Big 4 firm.  
Hello Everyone!   New here, long time lurker decided to step up and hit the ball. I am from Massachusetts, I have been playing the game for about 15 years now I started very young with my father. I played through high school and college and try to play at least once a week. I look forward to hanging out a bit more in the trap!   Cheers,   Matt
New Posts  All Forums: