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I thought the show was interesting as well. I am happy a Boston kid won! Tough in these parts to grow up playing constantly. That new show looks a bit off to me, I wonder if it is a new big break spinoff to fill in time before the fall premire.
I played here yesterday. Place was in usual shape. Real shame no work goes into that course. Tough to judge how well or poor you really played with these conditions. Rumor was from others i talked with on the course is that they are doing a total revamp to course one then the same in 2016 to course 2.
I noticed that it wasnt in great shape either. By the looks of the sky it was threatening rain as well. But that goes to show you that one bad shot (more like landing) can be the difference. If that rolled just a little out of the plugged lie Rob would have gotten up and down 9/10 times.
Has anyone else seen this yet?!   http://www.mynegm.com/golf/whats-news/ponkapoag-golf-course-has-olympic-dreams/
Hahaha~ Well this made my afternoon.
What a performance by Spieth, great Masters this year. Maybe Phil can take this into the US Open.
Way to go Spieth!! Remarkable golf. My feelings for him have done a 180 since my posts thursday haha.
Plymouth has some great courses. Pine Hills is probably one of the better know courses in MA and is excellent all around. Atlantic is one of my go-tos very nice. That par 3 I think is Southers Marsh in plymouth, not to bad. I recommend Waverly Oaks and Crosswinds. They are cheaper and I think just as good as Pine Hills. As for the cape, try Bass River CC and Cape Cod CC or the Captains course.
That shot for Spieth just pretty much sealed the deal.!
By observation on the TV he does not look as built up as Rory and Tiger, just because you weigh the same and have the same height does not mean you have the same strength at all! Im 6'4 205 does that mean I can play like them...
New Posts  All Forums: