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For me as a novice I feel the balls do matter to a degree. I was using pro v1s and couldn't hit a straight drive due to my draw and the balls spinning off wildly. I then went down to srixon ad333 and instantly lost the horrible spin to the right. The balls were just to advanced for my lack of skill to control the spin in the right direction.
i am after a 60 degree wedge and i quite like the look of the titleist vokey, i used a friends 56 degree and it played nice but im unsure on what finish i need. is it a case of pretty colours or is there more of a science to it?
hi guys my names marc and ive been playing golf around 5 months now. my golf is slowly improving and im shaving off around 20-30 shots off my game from when i started but im still very poor and rarely par a hole. ive treated myself to some ping g20's 3-sw and a g20 3,5,driver. im unable to use any of my woods due to a horrible spin and my ball flys off on a hard right turn. i was using pro v1 balls as i thought they would help me but after loosing them at a rapid rate i...
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