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Practicing I hit all shots for the short greatly but when I'm actually playing I shoot myself in foot with the same short game shots. Can anyone help me?    Thanks,    Short game yep's
Yes so it would seem so, I do well in the beginning, tire around 14 and poop the 4 extra strokes, today I hit an 89, but I could have done at least 4 stroke better. Maybe I should try eating something on the back to help get through it better.   Thanks for the input,   Michael
Hello Guys,         Awesome golf tips you all give. I have a question for you I don't see anyone talking about. I have tendency toward the end of the back nine to scoop my shots getting under the ball and the ball doesn't go far, and I'm not sure why. Do any of you have anything that will help with that? I appreciate it.   Michael
Hello Guys,       I agree that you should have your on style, although it should be probably be based on things that are know to work.  The 4hrgolfpro is exactly right. When I started playing golf, putting for me was much easier with a hinged wrist. I felt I judge my putts better, however I was never constant with it. Downhill putts would go sailing passed, maybe bad judgement. However one thing for sure there are many people that are willing to help your putting....
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