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golf pride vdr midsize for the wedges, a tigershark jumbo (the middle one) for the putter, and another 3 dozen hx bite. i like them and we don't have a golfsmith in maryland so i figured i would stock up.   really like the putter grip. very repeatable and i had a very consistent putting round with it. didn't have a problem with distance, but left 5 putts within 6" of the cup with a few that i gave a minute to drop.
116. bad score, but better round then i've been playing. got a lot of stuff together, just didn't score well.   one more chance to tame the tough course i've been playing and put a whole round together.
apparently they don't sell hard sided travel bags in stores anymore so i didn't buy a thing.
hit a g20 and bought it. no complaints and it absolutely flies. if you sweep it too much you get a low line drive that rolls out forever, but when you get on it right you can absolutely crush it high and deep.   it also takes some of the spin out of the ball. i've hit a few really bad ones and it doesn't slice nearly as far as you think it would when you see it take off.   the only thing i can't do with it yet is hit consistently out of the rough. my hybrids are...
not quite in baltimore, but i really liked the pro John at Nighthawk off of route 3. he's not a stack and tilt teacher, but i took some good lessons from him.   i would also recommend the video lessons you can get from evolvr. saved me a lot of money and really helped my game be more consistent season to season.
no warm up and starting on 10 (the back has more narrow fairways and is harder overall.) had me putting in a 116 on a 146 slope course.   i could not get my driver warmed up until it was way too late in the round. i also was blocking everything right, something i'll have to work on.   getting much better iron contact though, just gotta strengthen my grip for iron shots because my driver is so draw biased i keep a weak grip with it or i hook it.
just buy a decent used one that feels good. confidence is huge with wedges, so make sure they weigh and everything feels good.   my wife bought an old rusty cleveland wedge for $5 from golfsmith. 
i use a lot of different kinds and i'll use ones i find on the course as i play. i actually had a few good holes with a ladies pink ball the other week.   i put a triangle of three dots on the two bare sides of the ball. that way when i reach into the bag and don't pay attention to what ball i grab i can tell by the three dots that it's mine.   bailed me out a few times when guys want to take credit for your drive because you're both playing the same ball. you...
i've never had a used ball show signs of being internally compromised, but they all return from whence they came at some point so i'm not too worried.   the only difference is the cover color is definitely darker on most.
I use whatever is on sale, but a couple of my favorites are the wilson staff duo elite 50, gamer or gamer v2, noodle long and soft, and i'm going to try out the hex bites that golfsmith has for sale now.   i also do the lost golf balls thing, but the big issue i've had is they are darker than new balls and a lot harder to spot. i've never had a problem with them being waterlogged or questionable internal condition like some people say, but the dark cover definitely...
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