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 I have some. They're nice, soft, and didn't notice really much distance difference.  i've tried these anti-spin balls extensively and here's my take: if you slice/block/pull/duck/etc. you're probably going to lose the ball. if you hit an overdone cut/draw maybe this will keep you in the rough instead of the woods, but they aren't miracle balls. they do make miracle balls, but they're banned.
 i dropped nike mojos for this exact reason.
  I'm like most not very good golfers, i have a handful of clubs i hit pretty well, some are a crapshoot. i could drop my driver because my 3w rivals it, but i'm not as consistent off the tee with my 3w as my driver. i could drop the 3w and do a 3h/4h layup to a short wedge which is more accurate than a 3w followed by a shot from greenside rough/bunker. i do love blasting the 3w when i've duffed my tee-shot though. the hybrids are one of the better decisions i've made. i...
 i think costco is good with returns. i am 100% for returning things if you don't like them. too many people think it's a big hassle, but the worst thing that can happen is they won't take it back which leaves you where you're at currently. most places want to keep your business, especially if you're willing to keep the money in their store.
 i think my midsized grips sit up a little bit and out of that hinge. every once in a while i do have to jostle my clubs to pull them out, but that happens in my big bag as well. i always assumed it was the larger grips. when i carry i usually play an executive course (so 6-wedges) or if i'm doing a regular course i'll pull the odd or even irons so there's usually plenty of room.
it seems like a silly question, but how did you decide your clubs and what made you change if you switched?   i have what i feel is a pretty standard setup and my clubs are pretty well spaced, but i'd like to add another wedge which means i'll probably just drop the 58*.   but i wondered how other people decided what to carry and what to change after playing for a while.
i got my callaway stand bag a while ago for under $100 and it's been great. never carry a full set with it, but it's really light and has enough pockets for everything. it even has the bottom that tips with the legs.   if i carried all my clubs with me when i walked i might want the full divider. the straps are what sold me on my bag though.
i have ping i-series hybrids and they are really good. they get through everything and give you a solid hit. i loved taylormade, but i never liked their hybrid. i would go hit some. take the distances with a grain of salt, but i knew right away which ones felt solid and which ones i didn't like the feel of.
some used clubs so i can play on this road trip:   TM MC 2-pw with KBS shafts (starting to think i might sell them when i get home, little too stiff for me even though i hit them well in the store) adams speedline f11 3 wood (going to go head to head against my ping when i get home, really good 3-wood, especially for $10) callaway x-series jaws 54/16 (i have to find a way to get this in my bag permanently, amazing spin. downside is it rips the ball cover) macgregor...
besides really cheap (how they're made, not price) it doesn't really matter. i buy "used" golf balls in bulk, but i've been going through less so now i have a surplus.   i love the hex bite ball, but i just played a few rounds with a different wedge, steeper swing, and a "distance" ball and it checked up way quicker than my hex bite with my mizzy wedges ever do.   like most things, it's a personal preference thing. so if you find a ball that you feel more confident...
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