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        An upgrade to the bag I put together from the clearance racks. 588s by far my favorite clubs in the bag. Looking to upgrade putter to Odyssey D.A.R.T. soon. 
 I don't personally have this bag, but that's what it looks like here. This is just an image I pulled. Can't tell for sure if they are full length dividers or not.
Shot an 84 and I was pretty pumped because I play to about a 16 handicap. I was all over the place on the front nine with a couple doubles, a few pars, and a birdie. Back nine was solid par/bogey golf. I did have 38 putts though. 38!!    That's the only thing that bummed me out. 
Nike Machspeed Black Driver $150 Cobra Baffler Rail 3 Wood $100 Cobra Baffler Rail 3 Hybrid $100 Nike Machspeed Irons 4-PW $300 Cleveland 588 54 Degree $125 Cleveland 588 58 Degree $125 TaylorMade Rossa Putter $100 Total $1,000 All the clubs were bought new, but the models are a few years old - except for the 588s. Upgraded from a garage sale set so I'm pretty happy with them.
The only Ryder Cup that I have actually watched and followed is 2010 at Celtic Manor. I just remember the final day was pushed to Monday so me and all my roommates skipped our morning classes (college) to watch the finish. We have been watching since like 4 am so there was no way we were going to miss the end. No too happy about the result but that's the one that sticks out to me. Wish I could have seen '99 at Brookline, though.
The picture is a little deceiving. From the back it's around 430 yards, but the middle tees play somewhere near 400. Mix that in with an uphill approach shot and most tend to pull driver. 
  Elevated tee boxes and a neighborhood on the right - also not the brightest idea. 
It confused the hell out of me too at first, but this chart does a pretty good job of explaining it. My 588s both have 12 degrees of bounce, so they are playable in both firm and soft conditions. I would recommend 12 degrees of bounce just because of the versatility, but it really depends on the conditions on which you play and your type of swing (shallow or steep.) Good luck!      
I bought two boxes as part of a promo at the beginning of the season. I think it was something like 2 for $25 or $30. That was the main reason I got them, but after 6 months I'm still playing the PD Softs. High launch and great around the greens. I'm sticking with them.    Plus they're still only 15 bucks 
New Posts  All Forums: