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 I'll take Mallory and you can have Emily.  Not that I would toss Emily out... but man... Mallory just does it for me.
Yeah it was cool.  Kinda weird for me with nothing on the line.  I also am in another league with about 16 people in it.  We all throw some $$$$ at the beginning and have payouts for each segment winner, and of course end of the year winner.  I took home about $375 from that (1st place for the year and a 1st place for the spring session)... not bad for a $75 entry.  The sand trap league was cool... but with nothing on the line.... meh.
I don't believe in jinxes   Considering there was 40 entrants in this "league"... I'm quite happy with 2nd place for the year.
Since nobody else wants to talk fantasy trash... I'll say it again....   Groove Tube keeps on groovin' along!  
GrooveTube keeps groovin' along....  
It's all disgusting.  Chew, cigarettes, cigars.... totally gross and serves no purpose.  
I am kinda surprised no one mentioned these factors.  And it's cart for me... always.   1.  The convenience factors...drink holders, scorecard/pencil right on the steering wheel...basket to hold towels, head covers, etc.   2.  Probably the biggest reason I take cart only.  The BS factor.  I love to play fast.  Me and my buddy will play 18 in about 2.5 hours and sometimes less.  The BS factor is the ability to laugh, bust each others balls, etc... while in the...
Oh a westsider.... Mentor here.  And a trip to Erie to see Erik is highly recommended!
I should come see you again for some tweaking.  My driver game is shaky again and my bunker play is atrocious!!!!
So what part of NE Ohio you from?  
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