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Considering signing up for Evolvr but not sure how to tape my swing? I thought I saw an iphone mount/stand on here at one point when I was on here more often last year
Looking for a nice putter for myself (high handicapper). Dont need anything extreme, just a decent "beginner" putter. Looking to stay under 80 or 100 bucks. Rest of my bag is Nike Dymo 2 driver, Nike 3w, 5w, hybrid...callaway razr x hl irons 4-aw, nike hybrid and nike black satin sand wedge.
im a bit partial but I just bought the Razr Xl's last week and its by far the nicest set of irons ive ever hit. VERY forgiving. I dont have any bounce "issues".
didnt have the issue until I switched irons, so thats what leads me to believe its something to do with the irons? Dont have the issue with any of the other clubs
Hey guys    Just bought myself a new set of Callaway irons last Wednesday. I have been hitting the cover off the ball. Getting the best loft/distance i've ever gotten out of irons. Ball travels completely straight. When I purchased them I was between .5 - 1.5 degrees off on my fitment test on the sole of the club. The pro told me to play a few rounds with them, bring them back after im used to them and see if any changes need to be made. My question is, is the degree...
Picked up a new set of 4-AW Callaway Razr X HL's and LOVE them. Also bought a few boxes of balls
All I can say is, wow. Golf Digest was 100% correct in labeling these the Gold "Most Game Improving Irons". They are very forgiving and the loft im getting from these are insane. On Thursday I shot the back 9 at the local course in which I average a 63 (terrible i know) and shot a 51. Yesterday I went out and shot a 53 on the front which I average a 61. The worst part is, I am just getting used to distance on these and I could easily have took off another 4-5 strokes had...
Callaway Razr X HL no question....just bought the whole set and my first round was my best round ever and I dont even have distance down yet!
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