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Thanks for the responses I think I will look into online options.  I have a new job and a two year old its hard to pin down time for an instructor 
I am wondering since the people that put GMAC did not use the first and last name of the golfer are they disqualified?
  I have to agree with this.  He is an easy guy to cheer for and I hope he proves me wrong but I would not put any money on him.
I have decided on the Srixon Q star and really enjoy it.  The only other ball I plan on trying is the gamer v2.
I'm really hoping Stann knocks out Bisping so he does not get the title shot. Seeing Anderson knock out Bisping would be enjoyable as well.  The superfights will never happen Silva wont go up to fight JBJ and GSP wont move up to fight Silva.  It sucks but thats the way it is and I really just dismiss any talk of a superfight from now on.
Graeme McDowell -10 K.J. Choi  -10 Aaron Baddeley -10
For those of you who take lessons:  How much do you pay?  How often do you have them?  What advice would you have as far as choosing an instructor?     Thanks.
I voted no.  It should be the same for everyone imo.
  I see Weidman fighting Boetch.  If Bisping beats Stann he will get next shot imo.    That card was terrible and I really feel for Urijah.  His wrestling used to look so much better and now his takedowns are not explosive.  I wonder if he trains his wrestling like he should.  He will never be able to outstrike these counter punching Brazilians!
I thought the movie was decent but I prefer Tobey Maguire's first Spiderman movie.
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