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I am in a similar situation and I used 3balls.com for my clubs.  
Weidman had such great control from the top I could not believe it.  I think he is rising fast and will probably have #1 contender fight next. Bisping and Lombard are ahead of him currently imo.   Someone has to fight Chael still, maybe Weidman or Vitor.
Plus Anderson has no trouble fighting Bisping he knows he would destroy him.  Soares has been trying to say Bisping is in line for title shot forever.
I agree with everyone about Jones.  If he wants to be the best ever like he claims he should jump at the opportunity. HeI  even said he would fight Rashad (when they were teammates!) he should have no problem saying he would take a fight with Anderson. I really do not understand him at all.  I hope Hendo can catch him one time and bring him back to earth.   Lombard  gets the next title shot with a win I imagine.  I still think Dana will try to set up a Bisping...
My putter had an exact picture I know this because it had a scuff on it.  My irons were in open-box condition and had no marks at all.  Wrapped in plastic.
I would say 265.  
    I hit a decent flop shot with my 56 degree wedge wide open.   My go to club on punch outs lately has been my 5 iron  occasionally if I have a long way to go I will punch with my 5 wood.  I've gotten pretty good with it because I play from the trees alot. For bump and runs I use the 8 iron mostly.   NO.   NO.
Wow, interesting story. I never knew this about him.  Now I just need him to win the British Open at -10 so I can win the prediction contest.
Looks like this fight will never happen,  add it to the list  Jon Jones on 710 ESPN Radio -  Beto Duran - "Why wont he fight you?" Jon Jones - "To be dead honest, we both have a lot to lose... I don't want to crap on his greatness, I dont him crapping on my greatness..." "We both have sponsorship deals that are really important to us... and a big part of that is being a winner, being a Champion, and having us fight each other, someone's Championship is...
I agree with you.  Sonnen has really handled himself with class after this fight.  It really is something to admire because he could stir up some controversy especially since he is so gifted at speaking.  When he talks people listen, he would gain an enormous amount of support by complaining, saying Silva cheated and has chosen not to do so. 
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