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There is a drill I saw on the golf channel where you pitch balls underhanded (right hand if your right handed) onto the practice green while making your normal chipping motion. I tried to find it to post link but I'm having trouble.  Martin Hall was the one giving instructions and it helped me quite a bit. I do not know if this drill would be beneficial for you because you are light years ahead of me but you could give it a try if you have not already. 
Keegan Bradley -10 David Toms  -10 Geoff Ogilvy -10   thanks for the list Chilli Dipper
Congrats man,  that is awesome that you beat it by ten strokes.  Now you can look at that one poor shot or missed but and think about how close you were to breaking 80!  lol.. Great job hopefully you will continue to keep it in the 80's. 
  I disagree with you there.  Evans does have KO power but Franklin, Marquart (spelling?), and especially Hendo have heavy hands as well.   The match up would be interesting due to the fact Rashad can wrestle and unlike Chael can knock you out standing or by GNP.   I still think Silva handles him rather quickly because Rashad does not attack with his takedowns in a suffocating way similar to Sonnen but then again nobody does.    Dana indicated today on Jim Rome that he...
The whole card was strange to me.  Sonnen throwing a spinning backfist was really confusing.  Forrest running out of the cage and then coming back to take Joe's interview. Maia breaking Kim's rib with a take down.     I also feel that Silva holding the shorts should have had a point deducted from him.  Yves is a terrible ref. 
I just bought a set of Callaway Diablo Irons and an Odyssey Whit Hot putter from 3balls.  The Irons were in open box condition and the putter was listed as very good. I was very satisfied the irons were in great condition as well as the putter.  I had a similar post to yours asking about 3balls and I also got nothing but positive reviews. 
I voted no. If he actually stuck to his guns and took it to the grave with him I would have said yes.  Instead he decided to sell books.
I would just play the entire course and make it my last time. Unless they charged a really high green fee which I doubt.
I have bought Callaway,Nike, and Greg Norman shirts at TJMaxx for about 15-20 a piece.  They are all very breathable and high quality.  
I usually just think wow I'm horrible followed by damn its so hot.  Yeah I need to work on my mental game. 
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