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I mostly lurk because I usually do not have enough golf knowledge to contribute.  
Congrats Buckeye! I hope I will improve enough to have a similar story.  I do not care if it takes me 20 years.  
Go Cowboys!  Expectations are high this year (just like every year).  I think the east will be competitive this year as I expect the Eagles to have a good season as well. 
GSP will never fight Anderson.  It has been obvious for a while, Anderson a couple years back said he would even fight him at catchweight and entertained the idea of moving to 170 for the fight.  GSP does not want it, cant say I blame him.   I also believe Anderson will never agree to fight Jones.  He is saying they are friends and all this stuff already just to avoid it.   A rubber match will have to  happen if Chael wins in my opinion.  
I've been on the fence but I see it going differently than last fight.  I thinking Anderson hurts Chael badly this time around.
I'll be ordering soon.
I hate it when I play with a guy who reads every put out loud only to miss it and say, " Well I had the right line, just didn't get the speed right."   These guys also like to describe the hole layout and let everyone know where they plan to hit it on every tee box. Its annoying because I have played the course probably more times than he has. 
I did not buy the card but I sure will order Sonnen vs. Silva.  Any card with Wand as the main event is too weak for a PPV. 
Well it was a good series, I wish Arkansas could have pushed through but SC is so good.  Oh well nothing to be ashamed of there is always next season.
Haha thats awesome man.  I cant believe Florida went 2 and out.  Hogs are still 2-0!
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