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I like to stick with water especially since its so hot in Texas.  I like to enjoy a beer or two after the round.
Furyk looked bad this weekend and his 5 hour energy hat is just hideous.   John Daly obviously is on the list.    I would have to put Phil in at third.
So many positives to take away from this tournament.  
About 8 years ago I hit a good friend of mine in the back of his leg (calf area).  He was about 10 yards in front and to the far left of me and I smashed a 5 wood right into him.  Luckily for me he only had a bruise but could have been much worse.  
Thanks for the reply I just have never bought a pair of clubs in my life and I'm worried about being scammed.  
I just make sure my bag is close and walk over to towel it off. 
I just placed an order at 3balls.com yesterday and this is what I got:       CALLAWAY DIABLO EDGE R IRONS 4-PW & GW MEN'S RH STEEL UNIFLEX   ODYSSEY WHITE HOT 2-BALL RH 32" PUTTER   The irons are in open-box condition and the putter is in very good condition. The total was $346.91.     I would just like to hear some opinions on the price as well as the website itself.  I believe they are reputable and have...
It seems like you are gripping the club to hard but grip size could be the issue depending on how the grips were on your other clubs.  My advice would be to take it to a pro shop or golf storeand try out a few grips to see what is best for you and get some advice. Congrats on getting the Burners thats awesome.
I also love going to the range..however  I need to create a plan and practice with more purpose.  Usually I hit a bucket with no purpose.
Great vids!
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