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I am going to give the e5 a try.  I've read alot of positive reviews and I like to have a softer feeling ball.
1. Improve  Driver ( I usually have to tee off with 3 or 5 woods) 2. Break 90
I have to say I was not surprised at all and I cant think of a pro athlete that was caught using PED's that would.  Its just come to that point now.
I just ordered me a Odyssey white hot 2ball putter! 
Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.  Keep em coming.
I am on the fence but i voted yes.  There are some other young hungry players who will challenge him as opposed to the past.  I feel that after he gets a grip on his new swing he will be back on track. His greatest strength is his determination and I think mentally he will overcome all of his issues.
I have to say my 56* Cleveland sand wedge.. anything around 100 yards or in. 
Yeah he turned out OK.. caught a few balls I think. LOL
Haha I appreciate it!  I remember that Kent State team was coached by Stan Heath if I'm not mistaken.  Arkansas swiped him up but it did not work out so well for us 
That is awesome Kent State made it in, I was pulling for them during the regionals.  Too bad our teams are playing each other in round one!
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