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  I have to agree
Is anyone excited for the College World Series?  I know I am the Razorbacks just beat Baylor to get in!  Looks like its going to be a good series this year. 
Correction.. I shot a 99 yesterday! Broke 100 on my first round back which excites me.. and my playing partner is horrible at math!
Adam Scott -3 Charles Howell III  -2 Paul Casey  -2
First full round I have played in around 6 years.  I shot a 110 but had three pars in a row on the back 9 which made me proud.
Glad to hear you are playing again. My situation is somewhat similar to yours however I have never been very good.  My first individual round in about six years is tomorrow and I cant wait to see how it goes.  Good luck.  
I was just wondering when I go to the driving range what order of clubs do I hit? Do you start with the Driver and work your way down?  What do you do different when hitting the range before a round as opposed to just practicing? Thanks
I have to say that I am pulling for OKC but  I would not be upset if they lost since I am a Mavs fan.  I just hope we have a good competitive  Finals. 
I just wanted to say hello to you guys from Texarkana Texas.  I am currently getting back into golf after about a 6 year layoff ( I am 27).  I was never any good I shot in the mid to lower  90's and broke 90 maybe twice. I am looking forward to picking up valuable information and improving my game while keeping it fun. 
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