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Any other opinions from people not directly tied to the product they're endorsing
I'm looking for an instructional video program for someone that's about a 16 handicapper who has been playing golf for a while but could use some more direction on proper form and needs help with getting more power.   Looking for something under $200.   Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
I snapped my 6 iron shaft on my Mizuno MP53's. I believe they have True Temper Dynaflex Gold shafts (Stiff). I will be taking it to my local golf shop to get it fixed but want some advice as to getting the shaft replaced. I'm an 12 handicapper with a low ballflight. Should I just get a regular steel shaft? Anything similar that I should try?   I just worry that they won't have this shaft available or that it will be expensive to get it replaced.    I've never had to...
Anyone... Bueller? Bueller?
Ive been working on trying to hing my wrists more but I hit the ball fairly far, 170yds for 7 iron. So I dont think that's what is causing my inconsistencies with the driver. Ive noticed that I push my hips towards the ball on the downswing. I believe you want your glutes to be on the same line throughout the takeaway and downswing. As if your but was lightly touching a wall behind you. Anyone else think this could be an issue?
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 10+ yrs, serious for last 2 My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: Driver - low draw, but very inconsistent. Irons are normal flight with a draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Snap hook with driver   My biggest issue is with my driver. I'd love comments on my driver swing specifically but I posted my irons swings as well for comparison. Thanks in...
Bump   Also, do you guys put much credence into Golf Digest's rating on golf balls? Based off their latest magazine I was thinking about trying out Bridgestone e5/6 and Titleist NXT Tour
Move the ball up further in your stance. If you look at the frame at contact you can see you aren't hitting up on the ball, hence the low ball flight.   The major flaw that pops out to me is the movement of your head. Try and keep it still and not move it off the ball so much in the backswing. Your swing looks really good for a 20 handicapper, especially your follow through
Just started really working on my game this past year, down to an 11 from an 18. I've always just played balls that I've found on sale. Recently I've just been playing Costco's Callaway Hex Control because of how cheap they are. My swing speed is 100-105 for driver and 90-95 for irons. I'm just wondering if I'm leaving some shots out there by not playing a better ball.   What are your guy's opinions? If I should be playing a better ball how do most people go about...
I was recently fitted for irons and now have my irons 1" longer. But my wedges (52, 56, 60) are all stock length. Is it standard to get your wedges changed to match your fitting? Or do most people just keep them stock? Thanks   I'm a 12 handicap
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