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santa teresa golf course , san jose   2nd hole  aprox 500yds  slight dog to the right--   driver slight fade 250 to the first cut on the left side  #4 fairway stright down the fairway to  within 3 ft hole slight up hill putt   had to wait for the rest of the foursome  to putt out  then all went quiet - said to myself just roll it   it rolled straight   and one of the guys says to  me nice  eagle  it was i am keeping that ball    
at the range or on the course , if a player likes what i have in the bag  most likely i would offer to let them try it, no worries at about it
been having swollen joints on my left hand ring and pointer and middle on the right  went to midsized winn dritec lites wrap  and that seems to help a lot  not nearly as bad i play 2-3 times a week
i received a scotty newport for x-mas from my wife, and so far love it , my other putter is a scottsdale ping and that is good as well , touch on the scotty i think is better though
this has been great , just perfect 
why do people spend so much time trying to bend others to their beliefs , lets tax them , i wouldn't be a member , trying to bring public pressure on them to change, or a boycott,   ridicule  ,   and so on ---  It is a Private Club on their own land  , life is not equal for everyone never has been and won't be  i believe this idea of being politicly correct has gone to far    but that is my opinion no one has to endorse it
85 @ Los Lagos , blew up on 2 holes both par 5 - 8&7 
he might need to learn that the things or results we want do not always come easy , and hard work and perseverance are to be admired and emulated , it starts with attitude     try that- imho
I would like to start by thanking Jessie Hogue & Mike McLoughlin they set me up with Summitpointe in milpitas for 10 am today I got there checked in all was well the starter Victor was  great - now the good stuff  if you have never played here  well--- it is not a flat course now that's not bad just a little different for me  it will challenge you the fairway's are sloped on most of the hole's my driver was working pretty good today i was using my new anser :)  on...
it is a private club , i would love to play there  will it happen most likely not , that does not mean that i begrudge the members for that- it is their club , it is not a moral issue , they should be able to admit who ever they want man -woman  in betweens who ever, this idea of being politicly correct all the time has gone way over board - where's my trophy for participation  
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