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I am here in san jose , my schedule is pretty open
weight x speed = power  on tennis rq.  if you want power use less string tension that equals more stored energy  more control use more tension , lighter weight. on a club or racket helps those out that cannot control ( because of skill or strength ) the swing  ,  higher weight. in the same size transfers more stored energy - imho
  spinal tap the movie , i believe
i tend to play in the afternoon , water and corona, a couple of bottles each
I start with my short irons for 20 or so ball's then work my way down to a 5 or 6 iron then a few driver's  after that what i do is hit 1 ball with the driver  then 1 ball with a hybrid or 6/7 iron then a wedge  i try to simulate what i would do on the course
ping (scottsdale) great feel and control
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