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"I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver".      Padraig Harrington - 7 Ernie Els - 8 Luke Donald - 7
I'm skeptical because I bought mine on ebay. It wasn't from an authorized company but the guy had 100% positive feedback and almost 300 transactions. I took a chance. I registered it with the serial number on the hosel and got no errors. I wouldn't suspect anything had I not seen it with my own eyes. It looked like a 430 head next to a 460
I'm stupid. I really should have taken the pic of them. I can't find any online of both models. It looked "physically" smaller.
I bought the SLDR S Driver in a 14 degree and the other day at the driving range. The guy next to me had a SLDR and when we compared them - the head of my driver seemed smaller than the original SLDR he had. Would this be the silver finish making it look like that or would mine (or his) possibly be fake? He had a 10.5 degree driver and my face on my 14 is much more closed
Apologies, was not aware
I went to Sportcheck here in Canada on Monday and tried out 3 drivers: Callaway Xhot, Taylormade R1 and Taylormade SLDR and my swing speed averaged 103-105mph and the best club of the 3 was the R1. My average distance was 263 with an average ss of 103.3. I think the carry was 245 but I'm not 100% sure.
Many feel the levels of the other players in Jack's era was lower than the levels of the competition today, in Tiger's era     Many people do in fact discount many of their Stanley Cups. It's easier to be the best team out of six than out of 20+.         Reply to quote 1: How do you come to this conclusion? Had their been rankings in those days, are you saying Jack was #1 and everyone #2 ??? Of course not. Nobody had an edge, with the exception of Tiger, who one...
Until Tiger calls it a career and the numbers are official and on paper, Jack Nicklaus is the best. You can state the fact that the golfers of today are trained better, better athletes, better equipment etc... but the fact remains that everyone from Jack's era as well as everyone from Tiger's era are at the same levels for their respected periods. You can't say of Jack was better because he trained more than everybody and was coached better because the competition of those...
Fred Couples
Shot a personal best and mulligan free 76 yesterday.  Pretty good for a guy who's only been able to play once a week this season lol
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