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Being with the drought this year, I've hit it several times out of muck/evaporated lake.  Very squishy and I almost fell in a few times.  I've also hit it from the edge of the lake, and again almost fell in.
  I just thought since golf was supposed to be a gentleman sport, that type of info would be supplied.  Again, I wasn't the only person/group  that was issued a refund.  Bottom line -- I need to always ask this stuff.     I played a very reputable course and on one occasion, they actually closed down a hole completely.  We were not told about that until we came up to that hole.  I don't care so much about discounts or getting it as cheaply as possible.  However, to not...
    You both are wrong.   I wanted a later tee time and they forced me to go 12:46.  OK, fine, that's the way it is and I accept.  I'm upset because I get there and WAS NOT TOLD about the large groups (walkers!) and the mess on the Front 9 when I paid.  For the record, I've been told almost every time at other courses when something like this goes on.  I decide to stay and accept it, or leave, or ask to play the other side of the course.   So, I play the first hole.  I...
I had the day off last Friday, so I decided to get out to one of my favorite local courses I recently started playing, before I move to CA.  Even better, they have a special of $20 for 18 holes/cart on Fridays.  It's a really nice layout and well-kept course, used to be one that the LPGA played years ago.   I was originally shooting for about 1:15p or 1:30p, but was told that my choices are either 12:46p or 1:50p.  So, I book my tee time for 12:46p with a friend.  We...
Par 3 course (holes range from 60 to 120 yards).  Shot at 32 on the front, 34 on the back.  Did it with 3 clubs, SW, PW and putter.   For a regular course, 45 is my best for 9 (slope was something like 125).  
  Yes, I realize how the traffic is out west.  However, anyone from Pittsburgh can tell you that traffic down there isn't much better!  I work there everyday, driving 2.5 hours round trip and I'm just plain sick of it.  It's one of the things (along with getting another job) that prompted me out to CA.  If anything else, it'll be a long vacation :)
10, and I did it twice.  45 on the front, 55 on the back...and then 50 on the front and 60 (!!!) on the back.  I'm trying to erase that 110 round out of my mind...just was playing plain terrible.  For me, anything in the 40s is acceptable...so even the 50 was a bad 9.  
Thanks for all the replies.  To the one who posted about salary -- I'm making 68.5k/yr, though I do have the rent thing covered (free for at least 6 months).  I should be completely debt free after that, so hopefully I will be able to afford something.  My primary sport is beach volleyball and hopefully sand is free out there, so I'll only play golf maybe twice a month.   Worst case, I'll move back to Ohio from a 6 month vacation!  
Being from Ohio, some of our "better" courses can be played for a little as $20 including cart.  So my question is two-fold:   1.  Burbank, CA area -- what are some good courses nearby? 2.  How much would I expect to pay at an "average" course in Southern Cali?
If I don't get par on at least 1 hole in a round, I will jump off a bridge.  I take this sport very seriously.  So far, I've managed to do that, and I'm alive!
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