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I guess a fat man in the heat of the summer shouldnt put to use a product that helps him....cause it doesnt look good to some people...sheesh.
Well you qualify to try to qualify.Im sure theres a thousand golfers that can get that far. If youve ever seen the winning scores of the qualifying tourneys for the US Open and Open though then you know youll never see a scratch or two handicap competing in the actual opens.
Im assuming youre talking about the US Open, and im gonna take a guess and say nobody here has played in one. You gotta do better then scratch to qualify into that monster.
I just moved a little bit more south of my ex home in Parker, co and literally live right in between two great MEMBERSHIP courses. The Pinery (Mcgetrick teaches there) and Pradera. Both courses always rated high in TOP COURSE rankings and I cant play either of them. Gotta cross my fingers on that lotto
This is the worst thread ever created...and I voted No.
I think the best part about this thread is the people who respond to him seriously. I love this guy, i dont believe a word he says, but thats why hes so great.
Im gonna go pick it up in a couple days on my day off. Ive been looking forward to this game.
Idiots out there just say he's fake and puts on an act. Thats pretty funny cause this "Act" of his has been going on for the last 20yrs. Youd think people by now would just realize Phil is Phil. Hes a nice guy, who KNOWS how to talk. Its not rehearsed, but hes a very smart man and knows how to choose his words. What would you rather him be like...Sabbatini? All I know is Phil dedicates a lot of time to his fans and to charity, how you could hate that when most other...
Thats one I was actually looking into. It seems well made and a couple good reviews on it. 26 bucks though
The R7 TPs have the same lofts as all other players clubs. The only strong lofted irons they put out were the XDs and those CGBs or whatever they call em. The callaways are fun to hit but I wouldnt spend that much on them. If I were you id go on Ebay and buy some R7 TPs , and you can find a set with the shafts you want, for probably much cheaper. In fact I know you can get R7s w/ project X shafts on there for $600 or less.
New Posts  All Forums: