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thanks for that $10 last friday! 
I will be around... If anyone can't make it or others want to join I would play.
i might be taking a trip for work at that time.  dont have dates yet... but there is a good chance i will be out of town.  sorry... will let you know for sure soon
24th would be ok.  I have plans the 31st.
may 2 is good for me.  I would like to join this outing :)
Good times!  Thanks guys!   ( where we playing next?)
My buddy Jason said he was down for the outing if you want to include him
i would like to play in this outing.  thanks*
Tiger Woods- -2 tiger woods =  +11 Tiger woods -  77
Tristan- i can play most likely.  will just be getting back from a trip so if anything changes i will let you know.   Hacker and Lihu-  bring your kids if you want!  i dont care... Kali is a good golfer!
New Posts  All Forums: