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Tristan- i can play most likely.  will just be getting back from a trip so if anything changes i will let you know.   Hacker and Lihu-  bring your kids if you want!  i dont care... Kali is a good golfer!
Would hitting driver on a par 3 count?
I will play too...     @iacas @mvmac @tristanhilton85 +1 (@Bechambo) @mdl @Golfingdad @Lihu +1 @hacker101 +1 @KyleAnthony @bplewis24 @jefkve @Pakoh
1st Saturday every month is league matches. Other than that I'm flexible.
jan 4th Myself, beachcomber and Golfswine have a match in the league we play in so if the date of the outing is the next day i am afraid I wont make it (dont want to speak for the other guys but i imagine it would be hard for them as well)   19th is a better choice for me.  Goose creek is a nice course.  watch out for those poanna greens!
1 year reunion at Mile Square! :)
@bplewis24 - cargos were in the laundry basket cuz I rock the shit outta those;)
Lol! My bad... I let our team down:( Doh! Was fun still. Congrats team A! We will get you next time!
Go driver or go home.
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