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Still working on hip movement and fore-aft balance: -My hips were moving a bit too much backwards on backswing, so now I'm feeling as if my lower body is moving foward slightly on backswing (not pictured here). -Feeling as if backing out of the swing a bit on the downswing -Getting hips deep on backswing  
  Working on keeping my hips deep by having pressure on my left heel and stretching my right hip.  I let a few other swing components, most notably shortening my swing, slip, but I think I'm slowly getting there.
Haha, yeah NYC isn't always the most hospitable environment for golfing in general, but I'll see what my options are for getting over there.  My swing may look decent, but I'm still pretty bad if you look at my consistency or actual scores on the course.
I remember reading an article about this a few years back and found it:   Article   Book
I have trouble getting a good FO view at my range b/c the stalls are so close together, but hopefully when I go to a different range at some point I can get a good one.  My swing is sometimes steep on the d/s but I would say it's more of a symptom of when I fail to keep my hips deep and/or swing short.
*I meant to say avoid over-flexing left knee.
  I'm back after a long hiatus.  I'm not using the best golfing shoes here (they're actually running shoes, haha), but it was a beautiful day at the range.   Here's are my current priorities (roughly in order): -Right hip stretch + avoid over extending left knee on backswing -Add a bit more spinal extension on backswing -Short swing -Rotation slower so as to be in time w/ arm movement   Most common misses: hook/over-draw, block, thin/fat shots   Overall, I'm...
Keep your eye on the ball...   Or should it be on the hole?
    Sorry, didn't realize you were intentionally doing that.  Regarding arm speed, I don't know the official answer on that.  However, what I like to focus on for getting a good downswing sequence is starting my downswing with my hips sliding forward (your upper body does not slide forward; it should stay centered over the ball).  In my experience, the other things will often follow naturally if you just focus on your hips as the initiator.  
Looks like you are not fully turning your shoulders on your backswing.  I can't tell from the video if you're turning your hips enough yet, but keep in mind that at the top of your backswing you want your shoulders to be perpendicular to the target line.  Your hips turning and your shoulders turning together will allow you to make a full turn.   PS: I really like your dog just chilling in the background, haha.  Does he ever chase after the ball?
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