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I'm definitely someone who needs to do more of this.  I do notice that when I implement these feels as much as I can, I end up with low flying push-fades.  I think this is because I end up hitting the ball with an open clubface, but "later" in my swing than I am used to, such that my arms have started to move in.
Nice article (even if it was 3 years ago).  This transition in the profession reminds me of physicians going from performing blood-letting to prescribing penicillin.
Not an expert, and my first piece of advice would be to stick with what the evolvr people are telling you.  That said, from what I can tell your hip rotation seems pretty adequate, but maybe you could turn your shoulders at least a little bit more.  I think you're just shy of 90 degrees.
I'm sure we'll see this framerate in the iPhone 8 when it comes out, haha.
I worked on sequencing the backswing a bit today.  I was trying to feel like I was initiating my swing with my arms and holding off rotating, because I was turning too fast before.  I think I did moderately well at achieving this goal.  My secondary aims were to keep my right arm straight and keep trying to add right hip extension, with mixed success.  Hopefully, I can execute all of these components at the same time with practice over the next few weeks.   On my...
Still working on hip movement and fore-aft balance: -My hips were moving a bit too much backwards on backswing, so now I'm feeling as if my lower body is moving foward slightly on backswing (not pictured here). -Feeling as if backing out of the swing a bit on the downswing -Getting hips deep on backswing  
  Working on keeping my hips deep by having pressure on my left heel and stretching my right hip.  I let a few other swing components, most notably shortening my swing, slip, but I think I'm slowly getting there.
Haha, yeah NYC isn't always the most hospitable environment for golfing in general, but I'll see what my options are for getting over there.  My swing may look decent, but I'm still pretty bad if you look at my consistency or actual scores on the course.
I remember reading an article about this a few years back and found it:   Article   Book
I have trouble getting a good FO view at my range b/c the stalls are so close together, but hopefully when I go to a different range at some point I can get a good one.  My swing is sometimes steep on the d/s but I would say it's more of a symptom of when I fail to keep my hips deep and/or swing short.
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