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Keep your eye on the ball...   Or should it be on the hole?
    Sorry, didn't realize you were intentionally doing that.  Regarding arm speed, I don't know the official answer on that.  However, what I like to focus on for getting a good downswing sequence is starting my downswing with my hips sliding forward (your upper body does not slide forward; it should stay centered over the ball).  In my experience, the other things will often follow naturally if you just focus on your hips as the initiator.  
Looks like you are not fully turning your shoulders on your backswing.  I can't tell from the video if you're turning your hips enough yet, but keep in mind that at the top of your backswing you want your shoulders to be perpendicular to the target line.  Your hips turning and your shoulders turning together will allow you to make a full turn.   PS: I really like your dog just chilling in the background, haha.  Does he ever chase after the ball?
Nice swing.  I would consider looking into two things.  One, you might want to shorten up your swing a bit.  Looks like you would have plenty of power, even if you shortened it.  The other problem I see is that you are a bit flat on your backswing.  Check out this youtube video.
Hey, it's hard to get a handle on what you are doing without a proper view point of your swing.  It's recommended that you get at least a "down the line" view, preferably with a face on view as well.  Also, if you can record at 60fps or greater, that helps, too.   Check out this link.
I like your swing, looks really athletic.  The main thing I see is that your swing looks a bit on the flat side of things.  I would recommend getting your shoulders stepper on the backswing.  Check out this video, it explains things well.
Regarding hip rotation, one key here is to let the back leg straighten on the backswing.  This will allow the hips to rotate much more easily and give them some more vertical inclination.  Side note: during your downswing, your back leg should naturally flex back to its original position.   Check out how Charlie Wi is letting his back leg straighten out here, allowing his hips to rotate and preventing him from swaying off the ball.  
Check out this thread for some good info on developing an in-out swing by getting your hands "deep" or in on the backswing:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/30325/deep-hands-explained   For getting your right elbow in specifically, you can try putting something under your arm and holding it there on the backswing to get an exaggerated feel for it.
Hey, I really appreciate all of the videos you guys put out.  I'm just a little confused about what I should be feeling/going for with the hips.  In order to angle the hips down towards the ball, should you not be feeling anterior tilt/your butt sticking out a bit?  However, in your golf posture thread, you mentioned that you want to feel more of a posterior tilt, though it will still be anterior in reality.  Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.   Here...
According to this site, the new ex-zr300 has twice the max shutter speed of the  ex-zr100 (1/2000 vs. 1/1000).  Don't know how reliable that site is or if you can always have it at that speed.   http://snapsort.com/compare/Casio-Exilim-EX-ZR300-vs-Casio_Exilim_EX-FC150
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