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Thought I would look them up on eBay to see if they are selling, first post I saw and they are selling well, great. And cheap.
I have the Callaway bag and it is nice. There is a lot of room to fit all sorts of things. The only issue I have is if someone has a similar or even bigger bag, they don't fit on the cart. They really get wedged in there and then it's harder to get in the pockets. But I love it.  
Had nothing but problems with the Upro and support (if you can call it that) was useless. I bought a garmin and love it.  
Dang it, didn't see Kevin Na in choice #2. If I can change, if not, no biggie.   Padraig Harrington -6 Francesco Molinari -9 Tom Watson -8
Padraig Harrington -6 Francesco Molinari -9 Kevin Na -8
Very true, I agree. I'm glad you mentioned that.   I went under the assumption that it isn't just shaft, but I feel a lot of golfers, especially higher hc like myself, overlook the fact of the shaft. That it must be the loft of the driver head. I found that a low spin ball helped me as well. I toyed with ball position and adjusting my swing, but the shaft was immediate. Not sure if it's a band-aid or a real solution but so far so good.
I work in AA and live near there. What courses do you play? I may be interested.
Just ordered one. Shipping was a little steep for a little plastic holder, but oh well I guess.
An update on this discussion for me.   I had a prolaunch blue 65 shaft with my driver and recently bought a Taylormade TP Aldila NV 75 shaft. The ball flight is like night and day. I live nearby a very good pro shop and they will fit shafts for $25. That's an option, I bought this and if it wasn't good I was going to get fitted.   I am now a bigger believer that shaft is the biggest indicator of ball flight. Also, I bought alignment sticks like carpediem4300...
Holy Moses, that was a rough looking swing. My favorite part was they didn't show the ball flight. Second being the way over-exaggerated aiming to the right and bringing it back left.
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