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Haha, you said in 19 words what I said in a 1,000.   If anyone complains, they're an a-hole and you don't want to play with them to begin with.
Whenever I go to work functions, I wear normal slacks and bring a change of shorts. If it's a country club, they have a locker room and you can change in 3 minutes. If not, you have a car and can't tell you how many times I've changed in my car this year (tinted windows and a minivan help).   As far as being new, I think it's all been pretty much said. I'm far from good but if I play with people I haven't played with before, I tell them that I am better than a lot of...
I have personally always loved the Olympics. It would be great to play, be part of the environment, etc. With no golf in 100 some years, it doesn't have the tradition like the Master's.   I also think people are underestimating the field. In the top 50 (to 100), there are a lot of countries represented. Obviously the US and GB countries will be the favored. But you have Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Spain. It will be a fun interesting field. I don't think...
Couldn't have said it better.
Last weekend he signed and gave a glove to the guy he beaned in the back. The guy was speechless.   Tiger is by far my favorite player and would love something signed from him. However, I know he doesn't really do autographs and would never expect it. I respect that he is private and that adds a bit to his stigma. I would feel sorry for my kid but would expect it.  
Unfortunately, I am neither. These are all interesting games. With the exception of Bingo, Bango, Bongo, I haven't heard of them.
I just looked that up, sounds interesting. I like it. Thanks.
I did a search and didn't see much. I am heading up to Boyne (northern michigan) for 3 days. There are going to be 4 of us playing 36 a day. I know COD, which I don't really enjoy, but what other four person games are there to play throughout the round? I know it sounds crazy to just play and shoot for a good score, but might as well add more in there.   I'm sure we'll do greenies and skins. One of the guys is an exceptional golfer, so hoping for something that...
I'm trying to get out there this year. Maybe one last fall getaway.
Played last weekend where it was slow. The group ahead of us were slow and there were three old men behind us. The old men would catch up to us on the tee and on a par 3, they told us to hit into them. Soon realized they weren't kidding when one of them offered to do it. Then again, I never saw a group yell, swear, and throw their clubs as much as them. Grumpy old men.
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