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The second I saw this, I knew exactly where it was. I am from MI, but about 25 guys go down there every winter. Great place for cheap. Not sure about the renovations though.
  Hey NM Golf, just out of curiosity, what course was that? I live in Michigan.
Couldn't agree more with you, but Mr3wiggle is right. Normally I wouldn't say anything but I've read way too many posts and it gets annoying.
I agree for the most part with golfingdad. I won't take a mulligan but I definitely agree with the ob. I'm not going all the way back on a casual round. If it were a sanctioned tournament, obviously. The only thing that bugs me is when I play by the rules and the person I am playing with takes mulligans, rolls the ball, big gimmies, etc. then brags to everyone after that he beat me.
  These two previous posts below about sum up the chances you have. Like Shorty, I didn't take the bait before, but couldn't resist. I am all for people pursuing their dreams and playing on the PGA is one of mine, but I think I'll stick to playing a few times a week and work my day job. If you worked really hard for several years, you might make it to that 3.8 handicap you claim, but not the PGA. This swing:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/58313/my-swing-futuretourpro   And...
Taylormade Ghost 770 35" (maybe 36"). I love it, the head is a bit heavy, but it's working so far. I also just started using the line on the ball to putt and with the putter, drastic improvement.  
Also, maybe giving away a free lesson as an award at local outings might help. The idea is like a drug dealer, the first one is free and hope they are hooked for life, haha. The outings I have played in, there are plenty of terrible golfers out there (myself included) that might find value in the first one and would gladly pay additional money for more.
I actually just bought a lesson off of groupon. I have wanted to take lessons as I am really trying to improve my game this year. I took one about 5 years ago and found it a waste of time. I know it was because of the instructor. I've wanted to take more since but have found it difficult to find a good one. Anyway, the other day I got an e-mail from groupon with the option of a one hour range session, 9 hole, or 18 hole lesson. Customer has to pay the instructors greens...
I have learned to hit a draw or fade off the tee. It's the only club I can control ironically. The miss is a dead straight pull hard. Working on not clearing my hips and left shoulder for that miss. Mostly though if I work for a draw, it goes fairly straight to slight draw or I can get a 10 yard fade. I play it like someone mentioned above, taking one side out of play, generally left.
I'm thinking so as well. I am hoping to make it up again this summer to play Bay Harbor and Arcadia Bluffs. 90 holes in 2 1/2 days is probably all I can do, haha.  
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