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Natalia was definitely my favorite and I thought one of the better players. One bad drive did her in when Kelly has had how many bad shots??? Aubrey was by far the worst and how she survived as long as she did was astonishing.
I will be heading to Boyne June 29 - July 1. Played Forest Dunes a couple weeks ago and it was really nice. Playing the Monument and Alpine, then Ross and Crooked Tree, and the Heather Sunday. We are paying $354 for a suite and the upcosts for the golf (Friday is $20/round and the Heather is an addition $25). Not sure if that's a good deal or not, but I'll gladly pay it for 3 days and 5 rounds up north. I've played Grand Traverse and Dunmaglas, those were nice as well....
My friend and I were playing a $1/hole and we couldn't stop tying. On a hole with a peninsula green (my nemisis hole), I get on the green in 2 but about 25 feet away. He hits it fat and is going in the water, however then it hits the bridge, takes a huge bounce onto the green about 8 feet from the cup. My par did not beat his birdie. Including the roll-overs, got about $8 in that one hole, not big money, but principle.
Hello everybody, I've been utilizing this forum for a while and thought I might as well join. I've been playing for about 20 years (30 years old) and live in metro-detroit (brighton). I've always played a decent amount but have really worked to get better this year. Got new irons (rbz's), driver (R11), and putter (TM ghost). I currently use Cleveland wedges as well. My goal is to get to a 10 handicap by the end of the year. My strengths are drives, chipping, and...
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