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Have you tried yellow balls? I also have trouble seeing the ball. The yellow balls help.
That wold be nice.
Thanks guys. I've been struggling a lot with my driver so I didn't use it on the back nine. I also saw in a picture that my swing is really off. At my finish, my back foot was still planted. Apparently, I swing with my upper body only.
Last round I played at Lackland AFB I shot 100. My best score on a non executive course. This was about 4 weeks ago.
I know I don't have the skill level to be playing with ProVs or Callway high balls but its my money and I do get better results.
This was my wife's mentality when she bought me a set of clubs for my birthday in 2004. The set included Callaway X 14 irons, Cobra woods and driver and an Oddyssey putter. I had only play once before that and told her she could have bought a cheap set from Big 5 or Wallmart.She knew that my habits from Bowling where the new hot ball came out every year or 6 months I would probably end up doing the same with golf. I did up trading the irons 2 years later for big berthas...
Props to Zeph for taking one for the team.
I agree with Newtogolf. I also found this: uk.linkedin.com/pub/steve-draper/33/743/568 Weeting, Norfolk, United Kingdom - ‚ÄéHead of Online Development _STG Steve Draper's Overview. Current. Head 0f Online Development at Straight Talking Golf; Owner at Better-Marketer. Education. Otley College, Ipswich, Suffolk ... They should be banned. I found other sites with random posts asking about DM and/or his videos but the threads would die out. I think that they were more...
From the Straight Talking Facebook page "Straight Talkers, If you are looking to know if my system works or not here's a link to an independent website called GolfReviews.com, some 13 years a ago they created a post that lets anyone review my product. The link below has 13 years worth of reviews and they have all been done by people like you off of their own...
That's funny. I was telling my wife that Caroline Hedwall looks like Johnny Miller.
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