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I played a round with a pink ball as a joke with friends. Probably wouldn't hesitate to play a pink ball if it was made for my (lousy) game.
Wondered about this myself, as I'm new to the game. According to the USGA, each course can make its own rule but their stance is to leave it out of the bunker and parallel to the line of play.   http://www.usga.org/videohub.aspx#&&/wEXBAUQdGF4U3ViQ2F0ZWdvcnlJZAUCLTEFDXRheENhdGVnb3J5SWQFCzE3MTc5ODY5NDgyBQZpdGVtSWQFBTIzODEwBQp2aWRQYWdlTnVtBQExGQrdFt6IeKyG1Ah4/QdzhAVmNhk=
Ready for the hate, but I'm comfortable enough in my manhood to admit that I love a twisted tea while out there.  
Hey NotPortly,   Great to see there are others in my situation. I started playing (or rather caring more about my score than how many drinks i've had) a month ago. I scored myself honestly for the first time this weekend and shot a very similar score on the 9 holes i played. I'm looking forward to getting some twilight rounds in at my local course (Dyker Beach in Brooklyn).   You mentioned you're using GolfShot - I've tried a bunch of apps and in my humble...
Dyker Beach Scorecard - June 16th, 2012
Just played 9 holes, scoring myself honestly for the first time. Shot a 60 over 9 holesbut felt good about how I played and know where I need work. Didn't lose a single ball and par-ed my first hole - the 4th hole, par 3 at Dyker Beach Golf Course.   Once I establish some consistency (at least in terms of losing balls) I'll likely be purchasing something like the nike pd soft. For now, i'm using $6/doz Lynx Yellow Balls
anyone used the Nike NG360 app?
Hi Everyone! Anyone familiar with courses in the NYC area? Particularly for those golfers like myself, who are just starting out?
Been at the range a bunch in the past weeks and I'm looking forward to getting out on the course for the first time this season (at least with any intent of really keeping score.) I'm excited to accurately score myself with an eye toward tracking where i'm weakest. So aside from strokes per hole, what else should I be keeping track of???   I don't expect to hit any greens in regulation, so thats out of the picture but definitely "Putts", "Fairway?", etc. Any other...
This. I love the NBA.   Tough to see Durant miss that final shot though. Outside of a "last play" situation that's a foul but I like the no-call. Great game regardless of the final score. Miami taking a game in OKC is huge, that crowd was in the game even when they were down >10. I imagine it would be tough to stay in the game without that crowd behind them; they better not let the Heat get ahead early again.
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