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I have some serious temperament issues. I just take my time and forget everything that has happened in my round. I pretty much start again. This has really helped me to improve my focus and concentration and shoot consistently better scores
I have a slice with my driver. I know that I'm. It turning my hands over through the swing but it's really difficult to fix. The slightly open clubtace causes my slice. Sinnce I got the RBZ driver and closed the faced slightly, I'm hitting it much straighter, a slight draw.
Odyssey White Hot #9. It's really well weighted and allows me to be aggressive when putting. It's good on fast and slow greens and it always has great feel. I tested nearly every putter in the store but I couldn't find one better than this
I hit a low slightly fading shot with the driver. Occasionally I'll hit a slice when I don't turn my wrists over in the swing and leave the club face open. That may happen twice a round and it's usually when I try to crush it
I'm wondering if I buy clubs online can I bring them in and get them custom fit?
Thanks. I've hit all the clubs and I'm getting a solid hit from each of them every time I hit them. I was just wondering which ones would be better and some more experienced people would recommend!
I'm an 18 handicap and only 15. I didn't play much in the latter half of last year due to a broken wrist. I've started playing again recently and my irons have hardly any forgiveness. They're a set of Spaldings I got from my dad. I'm lookin into new irons. I play a high slight fade naturally but don't have problems shaping it the other way when needs be. I'm looking at the TM Burner 2.0 irons and the Cobra S3 Max as well as the Nike Pro Cavitys and the Callaway RazR. Wind...
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