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Play ready golf, yell fore, and look to your left and right before talking loudly to mess up someone in another fairway. Had to wait 5 minutes to tee off last week after 2 carts came into the edge of our fairway looking for a ball yelling between each other. I wanted to punch them.
First things first you stand very unnaturally with your arms very straight. When addressing the ball you want ur hands to hang comfortable, when you get to that spot, hold the club normally. Also i'd get just a bit more bend in the knees. Let me know if this helps, once that feels natural can give you some tips on swing plane, path, blah blah blah. You have potential
Decided to completely take the week off. Have been pushing myself hard lately and have been getting run down.
Check craigslist for a sack of used balls, make sure they are atleast somewhat newish and not old old golf balls that aren't even made the same anymore. Once you can get into the 80s I'd say its time to buy new golf balls or refurbished in good condition.
I very seriously doubt they would not allow those putters as they are so commonplace. I don't see them adding an advantage either just comfort for some people.
When I was about 13 I was on the driving range and the place I was at had very narrow stalls. I was trying to practice different takeaways and as I was working on inside out the man behind me leaned down and I hit him in the forehead with a 3 wood and knocked him out. Still feel bad about it he had to get an ambulance ride. I didn't know how to react because I was so young.
can you post a slow-mo for us? I really can't tell very well from the full speed. Also try to get a camera angle from behind. Will help as best I can once you do. :)
I find that when I start to zone out its usually because im hungry or getting dehydrated. I always carry a few protein bars and also gatorade and a water to keep me fresh. Helps on those hot days.
i'll have to choose the us open not only because it just happened, but because I think its more difficult then the british open only slightly and you have to be incredibly accurate to win at it.
I think i'm on plane fairly well i'm just coming off with a low draw for most of my shots. I used to have no problem hoisting my 3 iron up to land softly now I can't. Dunno.
New Posts  All Forums: