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Or one of these... http://www.despair.com/motivation.html
I'll never forget playing Ardsley last year.  Classic Westchester NY country club.  Member sends me and a friend ahead to the clubhouse, says grab a beer and lunch on the terrace.  My friend is in cargo-like shorts (should have had more appropriate clothes since he was out here on our annual golf outing -- this was a pre-outing round) and sandals.  Member figures he'd get away with the shorts, but I lend him sneakers.  Member also says "tuck your shirts in", my friend kind...
62 for 9 holes is not bad for a rank novice.  The first time I actually kept a true score on a real course, which I did primarily for a starting reference point, I shot a 65.  I've so far knocked 10 strokes off of that, so yeah, you did fine.   Keep in mind that only about half of your average recreational golfers (especially those who only play a few times a year) break 100 consistently.
 Someone once said that a business man golfer should shoot around 90.  Lower than that, he's neglecting his business.  Higher than that, he's neglecting his golf.
Cute, but be wary about nocturnal animals such as racoons hanging around during the day -- could be rabid.
I have to say it was an annual scramble event that got me interested in golf.  Back in 2011, the 3rd year I played in this tournament, was the year I started making a few good shots, and that's when the bug bit me.  If this had been an event of pure stroke play, I would never have gotten involved.  The scramble IS a great way to get non-golfers involved in the game in an easier format, and of course works best if at least 1 team member is a decent golfer.    To add to...
Probably because some courses are in places with little to no cell phone service.  A land line would reduce the obnoxiousness of having to order food with crappy cell phone service.
It appears that Black Bear in Sussex County is opening this weekend.  The rest of the Crystal Springs tracks look like they're opening 1st weekend in April.
It's not tipping I believe in, it's overtipping.  I'm a big proponent of the idea that that extra dollar or 2 will do her more good than it will do me.
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