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It appears that Black Bear in Sussex County is opening this weekend.  The rest of the Crystal Springs tracks look like they're opening 1st weekend in April.
It's not tipping I believe in, it's overtipping.  I'm a big proponent of the idea that that extra dollar or 2 will do her more good than it will do me.
I replied take a drop w/ a stroke penalty, but that depends... 1. If, for instance, it's autumn and I saw the ball land in the fairway, but can't find it under the leaves, I'll take a drop around where I saw it land without penalty. 2. Otherwise, if the next group is far enough behind (empty course), I'll walk back and re-tee -- S&D 3. Otherwise, drop & penalty.
10 finger on full swings, overlap on chips and putts.
Well just the other day, the 1 ball I lost on my local course was NOT lost in the water (as it usually is) but when I sliced my drive on #4.  I KNOW I saw it slice right, and the rough on that side is far from unplayable (in fact I've become pretty good at recovering from that area :( ), but for the life of me I could not find my ball the other day.  I walked out about 250 yards ( well beyond how far a sliced ball would have gone), and since nobody was behind for a...
I find it helps to warm up.  Gotta at least hit a few putts to see how the greens seem to be running.  Not even necessarily to sink them (although that's satisfying), just to see how to avoid hitting it short.  
The buddy trip is how I got into golf in the first place.  Been going on one since 2008, and the group of 30 guys has been doing this for 25 years.  It's a scramble format for the tournament, plus an optional additional round prior to it, over 4 days of drinking and camaraderie.    Each year, the organizer decides on the location, accommodations, and other activities (music venues, etc), so there is no issue with everyone trying to "help" with setting it up.  The...
If I'm not working on something specific (trying to get my driver to not slice, dialing in my hybrids, etc.), I'll usually warm up w/ wedges or mid irons, then play a course in my head:  hit a tee club, appropriate iron depending on tee shot, approach wedge, etc., to get on the green.  Putting is of course done another time.  
Interesting thread on this.  I started playing in earnest last year, and started with the 10 finger grip.  My pro just asked me to pick up the club and then he adjusted the alignment, etc., of the grip.  I suppose he just wanted his students to do what feels right to them, and adjust from there.   Recently I've been experimenting with the overlap grip (which I use for putting and now chipping) on the range, but I lose yardage and don't strike as well.  So I think...
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