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I put a couple smily faces on them.  Reminds me to relax when things aren't going my way, which is almost always, and is hard to confuse with someone else's.  Great conversation starter, too.     I try to avoid putting my initials on them so that they can't identify me when I shank it through someone's window or hit the guy standing behind me.  
Unless they were driving from the passenger seat, they would be getting out on the side not against Wisguy's car.     Not that I agree with what he did, as I certainly don't.
Oh ok, that makes more sense.  Thanks!
I certainly don't think we should cut the entire DoD and use all the money for space ex, but the amount we spend on defense is excessive, IMHO, and there is room for cuts.  It's ridiculous to take the suggestion of cuts to the military as wanting to abandon the troops, and similarly, not supporting our wars DOES NOT equal not "supporting the troops."  
Played my 3rd ever round today, and I'm still waiting on mine.  Missed a 15 footer for what would have been my first by half an inch today 
46 today (9 holes).  Smashed my previous best of 107 for 18, and that one even included a few mulligans.  It's amazing what eliminating penalties and 3-putts does for the score.  I didn't feel like I played that well, but I didn't lose a ball all day, only had 1 3-putt, and got up and down pretty well.  I'm now even more hooked on golf than before, if that's possible, and I can't wait to go play 18 and hopefully break 100 (maybe 90 soon after?).  Obviously a 46 is...
So say you hit your tee shot in the fairway, and then top #2 10ft in front of you into the water.  I know you're now lying 4, but does the distance part mean you would move back 10 ft from where you hit #2?  So you were lying 2, 10ft behind the water, and now you're lying 4, 20ft behind?
Wish you hadn't said that...apparently you gave someone the idea    I'm down to just Tiger now...let's go, -9!
+1   I'm also 17 (I'm a total hacker, though), and I recently bought the Z4 irons.  Sure I'd rather have Mizunos or something, but Giga is unbeatable for the price.  The clubs are nice and great quality.  They're kind of SGI shovel-y (part of that is the Z4s in particular), but they have more than enough performance for anything you'd want to do.  
Bah.  I was doing so well until this post.    
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