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Out with a friend the other day, and he had a ~30 foot putt on 18.  I pulled a Happy Gilmore and yelled "Jackass" right as he was about to hit it, he turned around to glare at me, and I just stood there watching his ball go in while he was busy giving me the death stare.  
"Fixed" is very relative, since I might go out and hit some wicked slices tomorrow, but for me it's all about getting my weight forward and feeling like I'm keeping my left arm against my chest in the backswing.  
Went out tonight and played pretty well for a while.  52 on the front due to a couple bad holes.  Back 9 had lots of bigs numbers as I started slicing....and then proceeded to lose 5 balls on 17 and 18.    I knew there was a reason I'm not playing $4 balls!  
Once I shoot an 18 I'll be absolutely satisfied!  Until then I'll have to settle for pretty happy.  Even with a great round, there are always going to be things to improve upon.  That's what keeps the game fun, though.  
Ah, good point.   I like the "hit a couple more into the water" suggestion.
I would try not adding up your score until the end of the round.  That way you can focus on each hole instead of getting in your own head about how you need to finish in order to reach par.
Fair enough  To clarify, my thumbs are still pointed down the shaft as they would be in any other grip.  The only difference is the position of the pinky.  I'm certainly not an expert, or I wouldn't be in this thread, but I don't think it affects the release much.  A true baseball grip, with the thumbs wrapped around the shaft, would certainly inhibit wrist flex, which is why nobody uses it.
 There have been pros using the 10-finger grip in the past.  Personally, I find it more comfortable because my right hand feels very unnatural in a neutral position with the pinky overlapping or interlocked, so while I was interlocking, I tended to have a very strong right hand.  Since where the pinky goes is (to my knowledge) not terribly important, but having a neutral grip is, it's worth whatever I may be losing with the pinky to have the rest of my grip be correct....
Went out and struggled to make solid contact for most of the round. I was playing with my grip, going back and forth between an overlap and an interlock, and on 18 finally said screw it and went back to the 10-finger I used last year before I knew anything about golf.  Managed to string together 5 pretty good shots, including an up and down from the bunker (I guess they couldn't have been that good since I was in the bunker, but hey), for a pretty satisfying bogey.  I know...
There's a video of Jamie Sadlowski hitting a putter 300 yards off the deck.
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