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I don't worry to much about how long the round takes. Sometimes there are new people ahead of me that take forever. I just let them play there game and have fun with it. Everyone has to learn somehow.
I played with a guy a month ago that just had a really big belly. He used a regular length putter (35") as a belly putter. I don't see an issue with this since you still have to make the put.
  This has helped me a ton on the course. I used to just bang away, but I wasn't practicing the way I played. Now I step away between each shot, pick a target each time and aim for that target. I also broke my right foot a few years back, that's why I stopped playing golf for a couple of years. If I just go and bang away at them now, my foot will cramp up and I'll have to step away and walk it off. By stepping away each shot, it keeps that from happening.   A small bucket...
  Good on you for sticking with her through this. My Wife has Lymphoma. She has 2 chemos left then 1 1/2 months of radiation. She is in remission now though.   Back on subject. I lift 5 days a week for strength, and do cardio each morning. I am not in perfect shape, but I'm getting there. Down about 100lbs since last year. PLan to loose another 100.
  OK, so it varies then. That would make sense. Guess I'll have to start adding weight at around 20g and then just experiment from there. Not sure what length I will end up with, but the 43" one I tried at Golfsmith was way to long. Hit my sternum more than my belly. I'm 6' tall, but have fairly short legs for my height. My Mother is 5'2" and we have the same inseam.   Thanks for the answer BTW.
I have been considering trying out a belly putter. Used one at Golfsmith the other day waiting for the Wife to finish shopping and liked it. The one I tried was an Odyssey Sabertooth. But the shaft was to long for me, it was a 43" and that hit me more in the sternum than the belly. I want to give it a try, but don't want to spend the big bucks till I know if I like it or not.   That brought me to do some research here and on the Internet. I found the belly putt...
I guess I am fairly lucky for a couple of reasons. Pretty much every course near me has a putting green, and a chipping green. The course I normally practice at has a gold school for kids, so the practice area is really nice. The is a putting green, chipping green, and even a longer range chipping green (out to 50yrds). And there are tons of driving range lanes. I just had to learn when not to go there. When the school is there, the chipping and putting greens are...
When I started playing I didn't hit my driver well consistantly. When I was on, it was really on. But when it was off, it was really off, like out of bounds off. I abandoned my driver for several months. Then I realized I was ignoring the problem, instead of trying to fix it. That's when I took my 1st lessons. Turned out for me, it was mostly my grip that caused the problem. Took me a while to fix my swing, and get into the groove again, but in the long run I think it...
I carry PW 45*, AW 50*, SW 55*, and LW 60*
One thing my Instructor told me that has helped me as well. When you are on the driving range. Hit a ball and then take a step beck. Aim every shot at something, like you are on the course. This has helped me get into a routine for each shot on the course, and my shots are more consistent now.   As far as what you should be working on with the percentages, that's a perfect question for your Instructor, since you have one.
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