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As long as they are out of your range, I say go for it. I've never had anyone say anything about it. But if you can hit 270, make sure they are at least 40 past that.
I say resort. My Wife loves cruises, but I don't like them as much. You have tons of stuff to do on ship, but are stuck on the ship. You'll hit a port or 2, but will only be at that port for a few hours. Not much tie to do anything more than a small excursion or some shopping. But if you go to a resort, you can leave that resort if you want and explore. Do things on your schedule, not the ships schedule.
That's awesome that you didn't let a bad hole get to you. I have seen so many guys games go down hill after one bad hole.
Never have, but my Wife has talked about getting me a round at TPC Sawgrass next year. I have wanted to play there for a long time.
I think technology has helped, but at the same time they have made changes to make it harder for the Pros. Just like the groove changes they recently made. The Pros are going to do well no matter what. I Think the Tech helps the regular guys like us more than anyone.
Just go wear you got your glasses from. You can even get wrap around lenses now in prescription glasses. Mine cost a little more than $150, but I got all the upgrades lens wise.
Magnolia Plantation in Lake Mary, FL. (near Orlando) Tight fairways, and from the blues there is water in play on 15 of the holes. Loved that course though, and I used to play it a lot. It taught me to look at course management differently. Sometimes it was better to hit a wood or even iron off of the tee to get a better layup shot that to use a driver and end up in trouble. I think I learned more playing there than anywhere else I have played.   When people would...
My longest was 320. It was on a dogleg left par 5. A buddy scoped the flag at 350 (it was a 90* dogleg left) and bet me $20 I couldn't make it over the water. The Edge of the water scoped at 305.   I lined up and gave it everything I had, and barely made it over. Ended up getting Eagle on the hole, made a good chip onto the green, just 2ft shy of the hole. I tried a couple of times after that and always ended up just short and in the water. Not sure I could do it...
I say go for it as well. I just picked up a 7 wood that matched my 3W & 5W. I love the club and hit it so much better than my 4H. I have been thinking about getting a 9W myself now.
  I'm gonna agree with this guy. I'd try getting a lesson or 2 before buying new clubs if the ones you have are OK. I got new clubs at the advice of my Instructor. He recommended that I get fitted and get new clubs that fit me better. Then we did more lessons. I have another lesson scheduled for August and then another in December. Lessons will help you much more than new clubs IMHO.
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