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I hit my 3 wood dead straight. My driver shots fly fairly straight, but have a slight draw towards the end. Had a horrible slice when I first started playing.   Was lucky enough to play with a friend who was an Instructor for a few months. Slowly but surely, we corrected things I was doing wrong one at a time. He helped me with my game more than anything else I have done since.   I'm just getting back into playing after several years out due to injury, broke my...
Had a gap in my clubs to, I never could hit the 3 or 4 very well. Hated using them. Friend of mine picked up a hybrid set, 3 & 4. He let me try them out a few times while we played. I loved them and ended up picking up a set for myself.   Just ordered a set of Callaway Razor HL's with the 3 & 4 hybrids and 5 thru Pitch irons. They should be in in a week or so. A lot of the guys I have played with have asked to try my hybrids, most end up buying at least one.
Hi all. I am from Pinellas Park, FL (near Tampa). Started playing back in 2000, and stopped in 2009 when I broke my foot. Just started playing again a few months ago. Got my 13yr old daughter interested in the game. Just ordered her some new clubs. Looking forward to playing more often again.   When I played before, I tended to play at least once a week. I played mostly at work, and was in a position were I was available to play more often than others. I was also a...
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