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  Heck, I have 3 towels hanging from mine. 1 that I get damp before the game to help clean the clubs, another that I use to dry the clubs, and one that I use for my hands and grips.   I guess that only odd thing I have in my bag is a swing trainer club. It's weighted and has a training grip. It technically gives me 15 clubs, but I never use it except at the range, and I just don't feel like taking it out. If I was playing a tourney or something like that I would take it...
If you could figure a way to carry it so that it wouldn't get in the way, then go for it. You'd have to get inventive about it. One of the things I like about my Skycaddie is that it clips to my belt. When I use it, it takes 2 seconds to look at it and have it put away. It has actually made my game play go faster since I am not having to second guess my distance and which club to use.   Skycaddie SG5's can be had on Ebay for $80 to $110, depending on condition. I...
I have changed up my practice sessions a little, so I figured I'd post again. I've gotten back into golf after being out for a few years, and have had to get things back to normal again. It's taken me a couple of months, but I am getting consistent again due to practice.   My daughter has been going to the 1st Tee lessons every Saturday, so I use that time for my practice sessions to.   I will usually start off in the chipping area. I'll take the bucket of balls...
I'd say yes, just because it would be cumbersome. I have a Skycaddie, and have a few friends that use GPS apps. Those fit in your pocket so they are easy to use. The Ipad you would have to keep in the cart and could really slow things down.
  They do have a bit a pearlized sheen to them. Not very noticeable unless you pick them up. there are some decent pics of them on Callaways site:   http://www.callawaygolf.com/global/en-us/golf-equipment/golf-balls/solaire-golf-ball.html
From what I have been told, unless you have huge meat hooks or tiny hands, grip size is mostly about feel and preference. I use oversize grips on all of my clubs, but I do have huge hands.
After reading this I tried it today. I like the drill. I'm gonna add it to my routine. Thanks for the tip.
  I had the exact same issue when I first got mine. Never had a hook before. I just had to adjust a few things to correct some bad habits and I hit them fairly straight now. Love mine.
My daughter wanted me to try one of her "lucky" pink balls, She bugged me for a few rounds, so I finally went ahead and tried one for a few holes. Not a bad ball. Did get a little more distance from them. Iron shots had an odd feeling to them, but I got used to it after a few shots. I have seen more than one player using the Callaway Solaire balls on the course.
  If they have length added and you are "normal" size then you may want to get them cut down. Last time I had it done it was $4 plus the cost of the new grips. Not to bad at all.
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