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  I used to play Dubsdread in Orlando a lot. I would get paired up with some Seniors when I played during the week most times. Played with 2 guys once. 1st guy was 68, the 2nd guy was his Dad and never said how old he was. Neither hit the ball very far, but they sure hit it straight, and were really good at there short game. The Son said halfway through that his goal was to go a far as my drive in 2. I was hitting 260ish on average that day. But, at the end of the day,...
I got my first birdie in a while by putting from off the green last weekend. Just started playing again so my game isn't were it used to be yet. Ended up with a 40ft putt. Didn't want to chip it in, so I putted it up to the green, ended up with a 3ft follow up put. Don't think I could have chipped it that close.   Seems I have better control with the putter from the fringe.
  I never understood why so many people are so concerned with hitting it far. I can hit it 300 if I really try, but there is no accuracy when I do it. Shots go all over the place. If I just do a normal swing and don't try to kill it, I average closer to 260ish.   One thing to, I just had a lesson and my coach had me change a few things. One big thing was to change my tempo. Seems to me like I am swinging slower, but the ball is going just as far, with better...
If you like the driver, just replace the shaft, and try not to ground it so much. That is a nice driver.
Mine was on a dogleg left par 5 over that went around a pond. Almost a 90* turn dogleg. My buddy looks at me and said, I bet you can't hit it over the water. So I lined up and tried it. I did carry the water (barely) and ended up in the rough near the green. Chipped onto the green and then 2 putted.   I think I had been playing 5 months at that time.
More than likely because of flash player. I know the Ipad doesn't have it, but not sure about the Kindle Fire. I can see them on my daughters Android tablet. It has a flash player.
  With your heads being 8 years old now, I'd say you might be missing something by not getting new gear. There's not drastic improvements from year to year generally. You won't see much difference between X20's and X22's. But you will see a big difference between X14's and X22's. I bought my fist set in 2004, and I still have a few of the clubs. There is a big difference in the irons between then and the ones I just bought. Wedges, not so much, but irons, yes. Even the...
  I love my R11 fairway woods, just ordered another one yesterday. I was very surprised at how well I hit it. once I got it dialed in, it was amazing. It goes lazer straight.
My Callaways didn't cost much more per club to get them fitted to my spec. Getting the shafts I wanted, at my length and lie was $105 more for 5 - AW. The differant grips are around $5 a club. So the irons I have to my spec are cheaper than what your guy is gonna make for you. I just went directly to callaways website, and ordered my Razr X HL's from there.
  That's kind of what I was thinking. The way you stated it puts it into better perspective though. I think that's what I'll do, schedule them several months apart.
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