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  I went ahead and ordered a 7W last night. Borrowed a 4H from a friend and took it to the range. It was nice, but I like my woods better. I am getting a 7W that matches my 3W & 5W. I may get a 4H sometime soon to and see if I can get used to it.
I'm down. I'll take my daughter with me and we'll both play the front tees.
I'd like to break 80 this year. I plan to do this by working with my wedges a lot. I'm getting better with them, and think if I could get good enough with them to go for the pins I could do it. I feel that is the main thing holding me back from my goal. My putting is pretty decent, but it's easier to since within 10 ft instead of 25 to 30 ft.
If you hit your current irons well, I don't see much of an advantage. Your clubs aren't that old. I replaced my clubs recently, but they were pretty old, and weren't fitted to me. Maybe go and get fitted, see if the ones you have now are right for you. If they have the wrong flex, or length, maybe then the new clubs would be more worth it.
So the Wife found a great Groupon for 1 hour swing evaluation and lessons at Edwin Watts Golf over in Tampa. They were $23 a piece (normally $85), so she paid for 2 for me. I have until July 2013 to use them, but think I'm going to do at least one of them next week. Now I had two trains of though as far as how I should do the lessons. Either a week or so apart, or a month or so apart. Not sure how I should do it.   I was leaning toward a month or so apart. My...
I carry a 55 SW and a 60 LW now. I find that the LW is great for close bunkers and chip shots. I am better with the SW any farther than 30 ft from the green. Any more than 50 and I use my 50 AW.
  That's exactly what I did. I ordered a set directly from Callaway made to my spec. I also wanted a grip they didn't have, so they sent them to me loose, and I gave them to a friend who has an older set of Callaway's. Did the same with my TaylorMade woods, and Cleveland wedges.   I would agree that for the price you are paying at that place, get the latest and greatest from which ever manufacturer you prefer. I love my Razr X HL's
I used to play with a friend that was also an Instructor. He taught me a lot. He always played the tips, and I was playing whites. When he and I first met I was playing around 115 to 120 a round. He got me down to around 90. Then he recommended that I move back and try it out for a few rounds. I was driving fairly well, my flaw at that time was my short game within around 60. Moving back 1 tee made the course just long enough to play to my strengths, and within 6 months...
get a couple of lessons and then hit the course. I took some lessons when I first started. But it wasn't until I hit the course that it all started to make sense. playing a round also helped me understand my weak points, and that was what I worked on at my next lesson. I took 4 lessons when I started. Did 2, played 2 rounds, and then did 2 more classes.
I was doing some looking around on Ebay and found a SG5 for $70, with buy it now. I snatched it up. Should be here in time for my round this weekend.
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