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 I was wondering about the battery life to. I'll try it out for a few rounds, and may end up getting a skycaddie anyways.
I've actually been debating getting at least a 7 wood, maybe even a 9 wood instead of a 3H or 4H. Haven't found a hybrid that I like yet, but I am still looking before I make a desision. But if I got a 9 wood also, I'd have to take a club out of the bag, I have 13 in there now, not sure what I would take out. I like having a lot of wedges.
  Same here. My wedges are 45 PW, 50 AW, 55 SW, and 60 LW. I opted to go with more wedges evenly spaced instead of having a big gap in lofts.
After doing a little research, I am just going to try using an Android app instead. I have an old Garminfone that I now use as a stand alone GPS. I'll try some apps on there first, then if I don't like them, I can just get the Skycaddie later
  The SG4 I am looking at has the same software as the SG5. If the SG5 is that much better though, I don't mind getting it. It's only $40 more.
Looking into getting one of these. Found an SG4 on EBay for around $60 shipped. Are they nice units? Use one like this at the Chi Chi Rodriguez course last weekend, it was nice knowing the distance to trouble.
  Did not know that. I only started playing golf in 2004. Won't feel as off if that's the case.
I think I am leaning more towards a 7 wood. Might have to buy both and give each a try.
Recently had a new set of clubs made for me after being fitted. I am very happy with them, but am 1 club short. I posted my distances in the how far do you hit your clubs thread. Here's what I posted:   Driver: 270 3 wood: 240 5 wood: 210 5 iron: 180 6 iron: 170 7 iron: 160 8 iron: 150 9 iron: 140 PW: 130 AW : 120 SW 110 LW: 100 Putter: Never the right distance.   Haven't carried an 3 or 4 iron in years, never really did hit them well, so...
Driver: 270 3 wood: 240 5 wood: 210 5 iron: 180 6 iron: 170 7 iron: 160 8 iron: 150 9 iron: 140 PW: 130 GW : 120 SW 110 LW: 100   All the ranges are approx, sicne I never hit it the exact same distance each time, these would be more of an average. I need another club in there between the 5 wood and 5 iron. Can't decide between a 4 hybrid, or maybe a 7 wood. I might get one of each made and give them each a try. I know 7 woods are a bit...
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