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Muscle Milk Protein drinks are great if you take a cooler. They have 30grams of protein, very low carbs and almost no sugar. I always also pack a sandwich. Now that my daughter plays with me we take trail mix and beef jerky with us to.
87 on a par 69 course Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club in Clearwater. My daughter took a 1st Tee lesson this morning to. She shot a 106. She hit's her wedges and putter fairly well. If she could get her Driver and irons under control, she would be good to go. All in due time, she is improving, and loves the game, so I am happy.
I to prefer steel to graphite. Had graphite on my irons before and didn't like the feel of them. Switched to steel a few years ago and never looked back.
That's kinda what I was thinking. Thanks for the input guys.
I see guys on the course now all the time with more than 14 clubs. As long as they aren't playing for money, or in a tourney, no one seems to care.
OK, so I'm about to finish my bag off and get a hybrid or 2. All of my woods have graphite shafts, all of my irons have steel. Since the hybrid is a mix of the 2, I'm not sure which one to get for it. I can get a nice TT steel shaft in it much cheaper, but don't mind spending a little more to get a nice graphite shaft either. What are you guy's opinions on this?
It was supposed to expose "straw buyers" which are people who buy weapons and then sell them illegally. They were supposed to track the weapons and find the big fish who was buying the weapons from the middle men and selling them to the cartels in Mexico. They screwed up and didn't track them though, and the weapons made it into Mexico.   That's about the best I can explain it without getting into the politics of it.
60 degree Cleveland lob wedge. That's pretty much my go to club for most shots within 60yrds though
  I was out for 2 years due to breaking my foot. Sucked, but at least I am back now.
I just carry 3 gloves. Usually wear 2 during a round in the summer. 1 on the front 9 and then another on the back 9.
New Posts  All Forums: